Kassidy won this interview on one of our contests on Twitter and I must say, she is rather an impressive young lady! We are very glad we choose her and will be keeping an eye on her career!

Kassidy Lynne: Hello! Thank you for the interview! I’ve been following you on Twitter for a while now, so I am super excited to be doing an interview with you. I am having a wonderful day! Life is good and I am super excited to be going to Nashville next week!


Q: So, you were born and raised on a farm in Seattle and have a passion for singing and songwriting. Did your passions for those come from listening to music or something else?


A: Actually, when I was 9, I really wanted to be Hannah Montana, which was typical for a girl that age. In fact, I begged my mom to sign me up to go to a talent scouting event down in Orlando, because I knew I’d be discovered. So that’s what really got me into music its self. Then as I got older we only really listened to Christian music and Country music so that’s how I fell in love with the country aspect of it.


Q: After vocal lessons, you entered in an idol competition when you were only 11, would you say that experience gave you more confidence? What was the experience like and has it helped you going forward in music?


A: It was a local competition in our town and I loved it because I just loved to sing. It gave me more confidence in myself because it was the first time I had ever performed in front of anyone and I did it! I would say it definitely has helped me going forward in my career because although I didn’t win that competition it was the first of many “no’s” I would receive and since that day I will always use the word no as my motivation.Kassidy Lynne


Q: Do you feel the vocal lessons were important? Are you friends now with the teacher?


A: Vocal lessons are one of the most important things to me. Because if you don’t learn the proper way to sing at an early age you could damage your vocal chords early on so you won’t be able to take your career to its max potential.  Plus, they stretch you beyond what you think you can do. I am really close to my current vocal coach. She lives in Nashville so our lessons are over Skype, but as soon as you get us in the same room the laughter doesn’t stop.  I may be half her age but we are like sisters!


Q: When you attended the Premiere Event Conference in Orlando the first time, did the talent agency offer any good advice and what do you feel you took from that experience?


A: The agencies told me to keep doing what I’m doing and don’t let anyone tell me I’m not good enough. They all were super encouraging to me as well as all the other kids. One guy told me I needed to start drinking throat coat to keep my vocal chords healthy and since we had no idea what that was, it was awesome advise, but the worst drink I’ve ever had in my life, Haha but I drink it anyway. Also the funny thing is, I met with on of the talent agencies while I was down there and 2 years later we ended up working together and didn’t even know we had already met!


Q: You went back to the Premiere Event in Orlando again in 2016 to perform and mentor young aspiring artists! What an honor and a privilege to be a mentor! What was it like? What did you talk about?


Kassidy LynneA: To this day that is my favorite appearance I have ever done. Going back as alumni was the most amazing feeling ever. My goal in my music career is to be an inspiration and be a mentor to everyone I cross paths with. Being back at the Premiere was so much fun because I got to meet so many kids as well as adults – I kinda got a feel for what it was like to be looked up too. All the little kids wanted pictures and autographs. It was super cute!  I also got to hang out with my coach (David) from when I was in the event and his group of teenagers. Before they went into auditions or any of the classes David always had me give them a pep talk so they were encouraged, ready and confident for what there were going to do next!


Q: Do you draw inspiration from your faith, family and experiences in your songwriting?


A: Of course! All of my songs are about personal experiences.  My faith plays a huge factor in my songwriting because I want to be a Godly light to people. My passion is to be a role model for teens that underage drinking is not ok or taking a purity oath is a good thing or bullying during your kid/teen years is really hurtful. As teens, we already have a lot of insecurities so I want to use my love for God to show kids how you can have a great life without the garbage. In my music as a teenager, you wont hear things about alcohol, etc. It is hard being a teenager and my faith really helps me keep a firm grip on keeping myself grounded and it helps me remember why I started this journey and what my overall message in my songs are saying about me as a person.


Q: What is your songwriting process? Do you have books with lyrics or what?


A: Most of my lyrics are on my computer in a file so I can keep them all together. Most of the time the ideas come at random times. So I’ll be walking around the mall and think of something so I type it in my phone, then when I get home I’ll put it into my music file and come up with some more lyrics and hopefully finish the song. Also, I will take some unfinished ideas down to Nashville with me and do some co-writes! Actually, recently I co-wrote with Grant Mickelson (Taylor Swift’s old guitar player) so that was amazing! I’ve gotten to write with some amazing writers and am super excited to record and release them.


Q: You’ve been nominated for 3 Josie Awards in September and you will be in Nashville. How did this begin and what are you nominated for? What has the experience been like so far?


A: I am nominated for, Young Adult Artist of the Year, Young Adult Entertainer of the Year and Young Adult Vocalist of the Year! My manager submitted my name into the Josie Awards and we got an email saying I was nominated for 3 awards!! I recently got my tickets in the mail and I am super excited! My family will by coming to partake in all the festivities so I am excited – it’s finally all starting to feel real!


Q: Your song “Carolina Water” was nominated for HMMA (Hollywood Music Media Awards) will be taking place in November. Can you tell us how the HMMA works and how your song got nominated?


A: I’m not exactly sure how we heard about HMMA but I submitted “Carolina Water” for the Country category and I ended up being nominated! HMMA is a live red-carpet awards show honoring mainstream and independent music artists and composers worldwide for their original recorded compositions.  As well as other honors. It will be taking place in Los Angeles, I am super excited and so honored that they chose “Carolina Water”!


Q: When you compete in the talent portion of Miss Washington Teen USA in November, will you perform your original songs or covers?


A: Unfortunately the Miss Washington Teen USA pageant does not hold a talent portion of the competition, but if it did I would absolutely perform an original.


IMB: You have worked with some big names in music while working on your debut EP, “Carolina Water”. Tell us all about that and some of what you learned there!


A: Working on the “Carolina Water” EP was actually a dream come true! I had the privilege of working with Jordan Pruitt. Jordan and I co-wrote all of the songs on the EP, actually we wrote about 20 songs together before we picked our final 3 that we would be recording. When I went down to Nashville to record with my mom and sister, it was our first time there so we were all kind of freaking out and weren’t too sure what to expect. Working with Paul Moak (Smokestack Studios) was a little intimidating as I knew of a lot of the bands that he produced and here I was in his studio! I wasn’t sure what I was doing or how I was even doing it so I’m thankful for everything his studio guys taught me and the patience they had while I was trying to get used to the whole studio thing. Honestly, it was the best experience I could have ever asked for.


Q: Where do you find the time to be a kid and what do you do for fun outside of music? What are some of your most favorite things?


Kassidy LynneA: This is one of the most difficult things I have noticed about breaking into the music industry. Thankfully music is who I am and the one thing I love to do, so I never get bored of it.  I did play club volleyball on a National Team (I’m 5’11!), but an injury in 2016 sidelined me. It was devastating as I loved the sport so much and my teammates were like a second family to me. Our family firmly believes when one door closes another will open and that is when I really put all my efforts into music and God has put some many awesome people in my life because of it. But when I’m actually home and I’m not performing and my sister isn’t at college, I am always with Kasey, my sister. Kasey is my best friend and we spend pretty much every minute together either, watching YouTube Videos, singing at the top of our lungs or cooking. Thankfully when she is gone I have music to keep me busy. I also serve at church on the worship team, help at junior high youth and children’s church. Our whole family is super close and we love hanging out with each other. In the summer you will always find us at the lake Jet Skiing or boating and in the winter you will find us somewhere in the mountains snowmobiling.


Q: You’re in Nashville this month to do some more recording and a photo shoot for your upcoming EP. What can you share with us about that? Will there be an official music video?


A: Yes! I am so excited to be working on my second EP this month! I have been writing in Nashville with some amazing co-writers and the music coming out perfectly describe my sound as an artist. I’m pretty sure the plan will be releasing some singles leading up to the second EP debut, which I could not be more excited for! So make sure you are staying tuned in to see when they will be coming out! And yes! I am currently working on the storyline for a music video so you should be expecting a music video or two!


Q: So much notoriety at such an early age, you’re almost a veteran in music already! What advice would you give young up-starts now?


A: Haha, I have so many goals and dreams that I want to accomplish, I hope one day that I will be considered a music veteran. My advice I would give would be, don’t let the haters stop you and let the word “no” motivate you. It is super hard. You cannot let the hate get to you in this industry and find the people that truly believe in you. I have gotten a lot of “No’s” and lots of hate from my peers but I let it motivate me so when I make it to where God wants me to be, I can say,  “I told you so”. And most importantly my favorite saying and the one thing I tell my band before we play a show, “Give it all you got.”


Thank you and watch for new music!!


Kassidy Lynne

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Born and raised on a small farm outside of Seattle, 16 year old pop country recording artist Kassidy Lynne has a passion for singing and songwriting that is only matched by her devotion to her family and her faith. If that isn’t enough, Kassidy is also competing in the Miss Washington Teen USA in November, 2017.

Drawing musical inspiration early on in her life from artists like Taylor Swift and Hannah Montana, Kassidy began vocal lessons so that she could enter a local idol competition at age 11.  She then went onto showcasing at the Premiere Event Conference in Orlando for hundreds of talent agencies. She has performed at various venues around Washington State including the Central Washington State Fair, the National Anthem for the Seattle Thunderbirds & Tacoma Stars at ShoWare Center as well as Tacoma Rainiers at Cheney Stadium. She went back to Premiere Event in Orlando again in 2016 to perform and mentor young aspiring artists. This past year she has performed during CMA Fest as well as songwriter showcases in Nashville.

In 2015, she began writing songs in Nashville with songwriter and recording artist Jordan Pruitt (Hollywood Records, The Voice). Later that year, she teamed up with producer Paul Moak (Mat Kearney, Third Day) to record her debut EP titled “Carolina Water.” In which she has been nominated for several unsigned artist awards for her song, Carolina Water. Kassidy was recently one of four bands in the Hard Rock Cafe Seattle, Battle of the Bands. Kassidy continues to travel from her home state of Washington to Nashville monthly to work on music projects, she is currently working on a new single to be released in the fall of 2017 and singing around various venues in Washington State.