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Congratulations to Luna Keller for the win! Council comes in second place!


We are now in the voting phase and these are our four selections:


We have decided there will be two winners! One indie act and one indie brand! The one with the most votes gets The Indie Music Bus pinned tweet and the one with the second most votes gets our Indie Follow Back pinned tweet for an entire month!



Our Twitter Pinned Tweet on offer for a month.  Except for political or hate, have just about anything you want as our pinned tweet for an entire month! This contest will happen in two phases. First, a tweet looking for music industry participants. Secondly, four  people/acts/brands added to a poll where the most votes wins it. And finally, the winner’s chosen content posted the 1st of the next month after the win. Our Twitter receives between an upwards of 580k impressions per month. So what are you waiting for, there’s nothing to lose! Get on Twitter and show your interested on the linked Tweet! All chosen participants will be listed here as well!

On July 30th, we will chose four(4) people/brands from the comments on the tweet linked above and embedded below. Those four will then be added to a poll on Twitter for a two day voting process. The person or brand with the most votes on the Twitter poll wins.

Finally we will get the details from the winner and on Aug 1st, 2020 the tweet will be pinned until Aug 31, 2020.