So I have been reading a lot of music business books lately and one of the very useful pieces of information I learned from one of them I would like to share with you.

On social media I see most acts work at promoting their latest master piece by telling everyone the name of the album and all the places to pick it up. Most music fans don’t really care to hear about that. They hear it everywhere from so many that it all becomes noise, so how can you be heard above it all?

A better approach is to write great stories about your master piece, stories that will suck your fans in to entice them to learn more about it. Work as hard at writing these stories as you do the album itself. Then share these stories on all your social media profiles, bios, interviews and everywhere you can. People will be more likely to respond when you do your call to action promotions. Maybe use many of the inspirations used to write the songs and music to build the story so they blend together well. Even many famous artists have a gimmick or story they use or rather their team has come up with for them to use.

You know how movies often have great trailers to suck you in to go watch the movie? You need a sort of  ‘trailer’ for your music releases that make your fans really want to check out the music!