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The website builder created by musicians for musicians.

From the beginning, we’ve had a simple goal: to empower musicians to build effective websites for their music.

It all started in 1999, with a single band website, built by Bandzoogle’s founder Chris Vinson for his alt-rock band, Rubberman. Grass roots promotion, plus the online community that the website created helped the band get a record deal.

In between tours, Chris worked at the record label, building websites for multi-platinum selling artists. To save time, he built a “control panel” to let managers and artists make the changes themselves. Realizing this could also help independent bands and musicians build and update their own websites, Chris launched Bandzoogle in late 2003.

Now, more than a decade later, tens of thousands of artists around the world use Bandzoogle every day to build their website and promote their music online.


Hey Dave, it’s been a couple years since we interviewed last, how are you?

I’m great man. Actually just celebrated 5 years at Bandzoogle. Life is good.

In what ways do you feel the music industry is changing and if those changes are necessitating invention at Bandzoogle?

Well, not just in the music industry, but the way people in general are accessing the web has been quickly moving to mobile devices in recent years. So 2 years ago we made all of our themes responsive on mobile devices so that they look great and work perfectly on any device and screen size.

As for the industry itself, there are constantly new and helpful tools coming out for musicians, so we’ve integrated some of those tools into the platform where it makes sense. In recent years we’ve added integrations with Bandcamp, SoundCloud, PledgeMusic, and Bandsintown, with more on the way.

Can you tell our readers what is new or improved over at Bandzoogle?


Wow, lots since we last spoke. We recently launched a brand new Theme Designer. It’s a major upgrade to our platform, making it a lot more powerful and customizable. It included dozens of new design options for our 15 most popular music website templates, so our members can now tweak their theme to make it fit their style more than ever before.

Besides that, we’ve added commission-free ticket sales (to go along with our commission-free music & merch sales), SoundScan reporting so that music sales count towards the Billboard charts, as well as discount codes, sale pricing, and inventory tracking for our Store, to name a few. But we’re constantly adding new features and functionality.

Why would you say it’s better to use Bandzoogle over a site and CMS like WordPress?

Bandzoogle is just way easier to use. No coding. No designer needed. No need to worry about breaking your website when upgrading to the latest version of WordPress, or worrying about plug-ins no longer working. No need to find a host, find a domain registrar, find a music player widget, Store widget, mailing list service, email service, etc. It’s all in one place. With an amazing support team who are online 7 days/week, ready to help.

We often hear from members that because Bandzoogle is so easy to use and everything is in one place, it saves them so much time that they can then spend more time on what they should be focusing on: creating music.

What is a typical day like for you at Bandzoogle, I’m sure there is plenty of fun too right?

Since we’re a 100% remote company, my days are often spent working from my apartment in Montreal with my dog/Ewok. But I also attend about a dozen music conferences throughout the year, so it’s a nice balance of being home and traveling.

I spend most mornings writing/editing/promoting content for our Blog. Every week we post a few blogs with helpful information for musicians on not only how to manage their digital presence, but how to navigate their careers. I take great pride in the blog posts we publish, and hope that they’re useful for musicians at all career levels.

Besides that, I manage all of our partnerships with other music companies, music schools, and industry associations. So it involves a lot of emails, phone & Skype calls, and follow-ups to try to find ways to work with all of these different partners.

As for having fun, I can honestly say that after 5 years at Bandzoogle, I still wake up every day looking forward to signing in and working. It’s a great company with an awesome team of people.

Can you tell us about some of the people that work there that don’t often get in the limelight and what they do?

There are so many people who work behind the scenes at Bandzoogle that contribute to making it such a great platform.

Our developers are always working hard adding new features and functionality, and our designers are constantly working on improving how features look, as well as adding new themes.

And the biggest compliment we get whenever I travel to conferences is our Support team. They are the best in the business. Knowledgeable, quick to respond, and super helpful.

As for a few individuals that members don’t often get to see or interact with, here’s our Lead Developer Colin (left), whose knowledge & expertise has saved all of our behinds at the company at one point or another, along with our Lead Designer Josh who makes everything at Bandzoogle look so good.


And this is me with our Director of Operations Stacey, who is the biggest reason why Bandzoogle runs so smoothly.



What can we expect to see in the future coming from Bandzoogle?

We’re really focused on launching new themes for the Theme Designer, so expect to see a lot more in the months to come. Besides that, we’re working on a few new integrations, and always working on improving our current features.

Thank you for taking time to interview with us today! 
My pleasure! ~ Dave Cool

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