In this article, we will answer the questions, “What is Metadata and Why do I Need It?”.  Also, we will offer a bit on how to edit your music tracks to include the most common information. Okay so let’s get to the de-mystifying this metadata stuff shall we?

What is Metadata

Metadata does sound kind of techy doesn’t it? But it is really only the information that is imbedded in an MP3/4, WAV and others files to identify it. The most common pieces of metadata used, tags, are: album, song, and artist name, ISRC, writer, copyright info, publisher, and engineer.

Why Do I Need Metadata

Why is this metadata so critically important to musical artists? It’s because the metadata information is used to identify the music track and who owns the rights to the work. It’s also used to display the information about the track on radio, and other player devices. Like, Now playing, “The Como Brothers – Underneath it All”. The ISRC tag is used to track the public performances on radio and other places, so that the artist can be paid the royalties due to them. It is vital that the metadata contained in the music file matches the details registered with the PRO.

TIP: Verify your metadata after any third party modifications of your music, like online mastering services. We have found some of them removed all the metadata during the process!

How Do I Edit My Music Tracks

Extended Metadata Tags Button

Extended Metadata Tags Button

For PC Mp3tag and MAC Mp3Tag , is the software of our choice, it’s free and powerful!  Download and startup the software. Drag the folder containing the music you want to edit. Click the track to edit, on the left panel you will see the real common tag places to enter data. To add the ISRC, with the track selected, click the “Extended Tags” button on the top bar. Next click the “Add Tag” button. Type to find ISRC, click Ok and then Save Track Button. You’re done for the track. Tip: If you’re just going to add the ISRC tag, you can select all tracks and do it once for the album! The writer of Mp3tag editor described here accepts donations for his work and deserves it.

There are other software products out there if you want to look around for yourself.




ISRC Metadata Tag Button and Edit

ISRC Metadata Tag Button and Edit

TIP: If you’re on Spotify, you can find the ISRC of your tracks using this handy online tool Find My ISRC 

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