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Hello again music brethren! Today we want to introduce to you a social media networking site that we hope will continue to grow. Minds has been on our radar for about a year or so and believe it’s time to spend more time there instead of Facebook and here’s some reasons!

  • You can boost your content or trade with others on the site with a digital currency called “Tokens” that you earn from your activity on the site.
  • Get in on the early stages to have time to grow large at the beginning. Many of you have great stories and content to share so you will fit right in!
  • Few independent music acts are there now but a large number of music lovers! This is a huge plus point don’t you think?
  • People there seem supportive in nature.
  • Your content is available to people who want to see it, your subscribers and the public! Note: People can filter what they want to see.
  • Create exclusive content that requires a monthly Token fee for users to access it..

As of yesterday, we started posting content again. Join us now, let’s grow our own independent music community there! Facebook is dead to us!

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From the Minds FAQ (

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What is Minds?

Minds is a free, open source, crowdfunded, highly innovative and encrypted social networking platform. On Minds, people are rewarded with digital currency for their activities and can exchange that currency for ad space or use it to trade with others on the site.

What is the goal of Minds?

The goal of Minds is to help create a free and open Internet where privacy is ensured and people are fairly compensated for their efforts online with viral reach and revenue opportunity.