The Kava Kings Chippo Hotel Sydney Australia 25th May 2018

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 The Kava Kings – From head banging to deep kisses: this is ‘sun-pop’ Gig date: 25th May 2018 Venue: The Chippo Hotel, Chippendale, Sydney Country of origin: Sydney, Australia Members: Tom, Chris, Nuge and Luke (Lola Scott is on keys but not in the band..) Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: God damn the crowd was going absolutely crazy. Everyone LOVED The Kava Kings, yes, including myself. Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: Personally I think the minute when the band performed “Friends” (which was the whole reason for the tour mind you..) was when everyone went crazy. They were jumping up and down and I swear I saw someone hit their head on the roof of the venue (not a big venue at all). A lot of head banging, and some girls were (even) making out [...]