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Darlene Hargrave

Darlene Hargrave – Music Reviews and Interviews

Welcome to Indie Music Bus™ This is our gateway for you to submit music for our various opportunities. All opportunities here are free of charge and there are no ads on our site to distract readers.

Possible Rewards

Support for independent acts and artists and indie label acts.

Receive one or more of: Internet Radio spins, an interview, or music review. Most everything we do or publish is promoted on Twitter via the our hand written, in-house Indie Music Bus™ Engine which integrates with Twitter™, Spotify™, SoundCloud™ Amazon™ and BandCamp™ to help promote the worthy.

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  • Appear on our Radio Artists Page
  • Music Reviews
  • Band/Artist Interviews
  • Your music on our official Spotify playlists
  • Special exclusive feature: Sharing your tracks using our custom Indie Music Bus Engine™ (Rare)
  • You may appear on our Spotify Radar Playlist. That would definitely show we are interested.
  • Applicants with Twitter accounts may receive shout outs from our A&R via @IMBScout

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Using the form below, include your act’s name, bio, music links and and back story if you have one (story hook).

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NEW: You can now upload music to us directly for radio play!

IMPORTANT: If you plan to have your music on radio, make sure to have the metadata on all your tracks! If you don’t know what that is or would like to know more, we have written a short and helpful guide. What is Metadata and Why do I Need It?

We love it when you record drops for us to play on the radio station! Feel free to include, ‘We are “Band Name” and you’re listening to Indie Music Bus Radio!’ or anything else you would like to say.