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  • Music reviews, and/or interviews
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  • Add your music to our playlists
  • Give you a life-long profile on Indie Music Bus
  • The option for us to present your art to third party industry folks like labels, bloggers or radio station managers
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Our Visit – Listening to Your Music

When you submit your music to us we will:

1. Shout out our visit from @IMBScout

2. Read your story and listen to your music

3. Consider your music or band for reviews or interviews

4. Consider your music for our playlists

5. Possibly send your info to A&R dept of indie labels


What We Need

There are five(3) requirements for our free services:

  1. No major label supporting you
  2. Subscribe to our indie newsletter
  3. Our Belief in you!


Include Music Streaming Links

At the end of this article you will find a form to submit music links for a few of the streaming services you might want us to use for our visit. If possible, we really like streaming music on the Spotify platform. Our playlists are also there so that’s another great reason. If you are not there then BandCamp or SoundCloud work well too.

Indie Music Monday Cover - Submit Music Links


Tell Us Your Story

Music Stories featuring Evan DiamondUsing stories is the best way promote your music while not seeming to do so.  Here is your chance to tell us yours. We may decide to share it with others, with your permission of course.


NEW – Publishing of stories submitted here has begun and you can check them out via Stories from Songwriters and Musicians – I am including a screenshot of how your story will appear to the right! We are looking for stories to be 450 words or longer and up to 1,000 words.

Include Your Bio

Post your current bio and backstory here too, so that we may learn more about you.

Submit Music & Your Story

Below is a form to submit the details we have suggested in this article. Our favorite acts will be invited for an interview and a weeks long front page feature and Indie Music Monday!


You will know when we are visiting to listen to your music because you will receive shout outs from our A&R Twitter account @IMBScout.

Good Luck!

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