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Submit Music Links and Your Story

Submit Music Links

At the end of this article you will find a form to submit music links for a few of the streaming services you might want us to use for our visit.  If we decide to add your music to our sharing engine, you’ll receive mentions via @IndieFans with the song titles and links.

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Opportunities For Free Promotion

It’s been awhile since we have accepted music submissions directly but feel it’s time to offer it again. So starting now, we are opening up a couple of submission options. For the first offer, Indie Music Bus is offering the opportunity for free social media promotions via its Twitter engine. The promotion will be of your music track title, links and sometimes your website. The other is for a week long front page feature and in-depth interview at Indie Music Monday.

Ride Indie Music Bus

You must follow us on Twitter and be willing to retweet on occasion. We would also like to see occasional participation in our online Twitter chats or social media chat events. Check the box below: Ride the Bus if you are up for it. This really is for long term social media promotions and exclusive features! Read our interview in the HuffPost for full details!

Tell Your Story

Use a new story hook to market your music for every album or EP cycle. Doing so will keep potential new fans and current ones interested long enough for your call-to-action! Please include your story hook below, it will be used to help promote your work. Make it a great one!

Include Your Bio

Post your current bio and backstory here too, so that we may learn more about you. Bio’s really are more important than you may think when it come to those who will write about you and your music.

Include an Image/Logo

Indie Music Bus Logo - Submit Music LinksImages have real impact and can sometimes make the difference for someone to continue reading or to click on your call-to-action. Try to use images that are directly related to the subject matter if at all possible. Request for your images will come at a later date.

Indie Music Bus

Submit Music

Below is a form to submit the details we have suggested in the article. To submit music to Indie Music Monday, visit this link.

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