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Welcome to Indie Music Bus™ This is our gateway for you to submit music for our various opportunities.

The Indie Music Bus team truly loves and appreciates what independent music creators have to offer. Because of the freedoms in creativity, artists often produce very unique creations. It’s only fair that we offer a quality site and opportunities in return. All opportunities here are free of charge. Also notice there are no ads on our site to distract readers. Okay, now for the possible rewards if you are chosen. We admit that not many are chosen to be featured on our platform, but everyone has a chance and it’s always free of charge.

We’re not going to promise you the world or take your money but we will help those we believe in! We lean towards alternative and rock songs but often support songs with lyrics that move us!

Possible Rewards

  • NEW – Coming soon Indie Music Bus™ Radio – Your submission will also be considered for spins on the station. More soon… If you’re on Spotify, you will appear on this playlist if accepted for our radio show. The decision has been made to use ad supported Live365 which covers all royalties and fees. That’s great news for everyone! Indie Music Bus™ Radio
  • Music Reviews
  • Band/Artist Interviews
  • Your music on our official Spotify playlists
  • Special exclusive feature: Sharing your tracks from Spotify using our custom Indie Music Bus Engine™ (Rare)
  • NEW – You may appear on our Spotify Radar Playlist. That would definitely show we are interested. You can also find the playlist in the footer of this page!
  • NEW – Our Spotify Playlist “Of Absolute Importance” has been started. For your chance to appear on it, simply comment on our Tweet mentioning your song you’ve written that is MOST important to YOU. Spotify Links Only!
  • All applicants with a Twitter account will receive shout outs from our A&R via @IMBScout.


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Pro Tip:

Back stories are equally important as the music itself. Both need to be great. Present the story first and then the music. EVERYWHERE

Your backstories are what gives the media more to talk about before introducing your music to their audience. Do whatever it takes to make sure each EP/Album release has a story fitting of your latest work! Compel everyone to want to listen to your music.

Just a tip not required.


Walter Hargrave Music Fan - Indie Music Bus

Walter Hargrave – Owner, Website, Indie Music Bus Engine and A&R

Now for your part in this. Firstly, include your act’s name, bio, music links and most importantly, your back story (story hook).

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Submissions are currently offline until further notice!