Today we are here to review WHY’s song, “Repair the Breach”

Review by Walter and Darlene Hargrave – Indie Music Bus


WHY is one of the bands who have been with Indie Music Bus since the very beginning. We are glad they are still at it! The band may have changed some players but they still sound like WHY!


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WHYRepair the Breach” appears to be an interpretation of the Book of Ezekiel.  You look it up.  The passage refers to defiance and rebellion.  Repair the breach by fixing humanity, starting with one’s self.  Pay attention to the prophet or be doomed!  People don’t change, apparently.  Hate, war, and violence are still a societal reality of modern human civilization.  There is no cure unfortunately, but we must keep trying (“Get up on your feet!”).  If Walt had not looked up “Son of Man, Son of Woman” we wouldn’t have found the Ezekiel passage which provided us with a deeper understanding of this song. On their own, the lyrics are straight-forward, and engenders discussions of modern-day life and I feel the angst of a prophet , his advice ignored.  Lead singer, Brian Cook, provides the emotional support for the hopeless prophet’s angst.  The driving beat instills urgency. I hear shades of U2 in WHY’s style and lyrical content.



Jeremy Dell (Guitar), Eric Nordquist (bass) & Brian Cook (lead vocals) start it off. The rhythm guitar, bass lines and vocal are quiet at first and growing with meaning and passion. The performance of the song makes you feel the rising urgency and importance to get on your feet! There are plenty of unique guitar & bass licks with drum fills, Dave Bergmuller (drums),  that keep the song interesting and sets the stage for emotion to cultivate. Everything is well produced and performed. I can hear everything clearly!

We both find the song enjoyable.  Darlene wants to play and listen to “Repair the Breach” loudly while voting at the polls!


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