Music Review: Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Jamie Alimorad off the upcoming album ‘This Is Tomorrow Calling‘!

Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave

Song is written by Jamie Alimorad, Gino Vannelli, and Ross Vannelli, produced by Ross Vannelli.



Not Ready To Say GoodbyeA relatable romantic lament; easy to listen to, easy to sing and dance.  The occasional waft of Spanish guitar in this pop song feels unique and enhances the passion of a man protecting his investment in a romantic relationship.  The song title is suggestive enough to know somebody’s ready to break it off.  The lyrics left the impression a break-up is imminent.  He’s in it for the long haul, “Not Ready To Say Goodbye,” appealing to his mate, but there’s no clue in the song of succession or failure.  Jamie’s voice in this song has a teasing taste of George Michaels’ without the fluff and filler “whoa, whoa; yeah, yeah” found in many pop song lyrics.  The phrase “long haul” appeals to my southern roots, and many other people’s roots, as I found out.  It’s an often-used phrase for being determined to follow through on one’s commitments.  I thought “long haul” was a “southern” reference {A US civil war era reference for those who are unfamiliar with southern rock} or that it originated with truck drivers.  I didn’t want to imply that the “south” owns “long haul”, so I looked it up.  It’s a phrase developed in the 1800’s.  Yeah, I looked it up.  Didn’t change a thing for me.  These particular combinations make the production interesting and unique to my ears.  I hear guitar plucking I associate with Spanish ballads and “The Eagles” playing peek-a-boo with me, and the use of “long haul,” which is a personal favorite phrase, all in a pop song.  All- in-all, it’s a success with Walter and me.  We are both in it for the long haul, and now that refrain is stuck in my head!



I agree with most everything Darlene has said; however, I didn’t hear The Eagles influence. The song is produced masterfully in every way and I doubt it could be made any better! I can tell that Jamie has learned from his time spent with the Vannelli’s because I know of his work prior to working with them. It must be a great honor to work with such legendary people.  “Legendary singer, songwriter and producer Gino Vannelli hand-selected Jamie for his Art of Voice Masters Class.”



Jamie AlimoradI was experimenting with key changes shortly after a session where an accidental key change elevated the tune to new heights. I had these two guitar riffs that I felt could work together. I started singing aimlessly and something clicked. I had the title written in my notes, and I sang it over the chorus. It worked. In the studio Ross and I were working it into a rock song. It wasn’t quite hitting the right way, and then by chance, we varied a beat on the snare, and it was a eureka moment. From there we went in a more pop direction and it just worked.




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