Song Review: Hazardous The Como BrothersSong Review: Hazardous from the album “Jam Theory

Songwriters: Matthew J. Como, Andrew P. Como

Review by: Walter and Darlene Hargrave

A song’s introduction can be so unique as to be identifiable in the first few notes.  A song that induces vivid imaginings is a form of magical musical art.  “Hazardous” is a serious composition that must have taken a lot of effort and should be appreciated for that alone.   It’s tenderly sung in sweet opposition to the explosions being described in and about the relationship, as if that mitigates the damage caused to at least one of the two star-crossed lovers before they broke up.  I would describe this song as belonging in the alternative-techno-pop genre, while remaining uniquely Como Bros.

The introduction, a techno beat, transmits a pulse loud then fading.  I imagine it as an agent acting like a beacon to recall a distant memory that still has the power to accelerate the heart.  The compressed, yet descriptive writing method used to explain why the relationship had to end is cleverly done.  I now refer to “Hazardous” as “Hazard, us” (Artist’s intention?).  Our crooner is cruising down memory lane and wishing things could have been different.  I feel like I missed a bullet.

We chose Hazardous for a couple of reasons but the main one was that it had not received a review yet.  We’re looking forward to review one of their latest tracks coming soon!

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