Dancing playing cards from Solitaire videoMy building had its first social distancing party this weekend, six feet apart in the large back yard. Guess who was the first person to get tired and go inside? Yes, I relate intensely to The Other Realm’s new single “Solitaire,” especially its stop-motion video.

Enter the Other Realm

The Other Realm is the alternative pop/rock project of brothers Kenny and Billie Ward. Quarantine finds them hunkered down in North Haven, Connecticut, where the constraints of confinement gave them the time to truly focus on the video project. “I’m really happy to be locked up,” Kenny says, and it’s impossible to tell if he’s kidding. Both brothers are serious about how a break from routine allowed them to concentrate on visual creativity.

Creativity in general isn’t a problem for the duo. Their songs take a humorous, sometimes scathing, look at current ideas, including climate change. If your life includes quoting Patent Pending lyrics, you’ll find another soul mate in The Other Realm.

Introversion Is in the Cards

“Solitaire” goes right for the gut–and the funny bone–on how introverts experience parties. It turns out Kenny, the duo’s primary lyricist, is writing from experience. Has he also done the introvert thing of spending an entire party communing with the host’s pet? Yes, he has. “At a party of 60 or 70 musicians, I spent the whole night with a pair of golden retrievers,” he recounts.

Playing cards come to life through stop motion. They turn out to have complex inner lives and nifty furniture. “We put a lot of work into it,” Billie remarks. “Hopefully someone, somewhere, is vibing to it.”

“Stay home, stay safe,” Kenny adds. “And check out our songs.”

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