For Music Fans


  • Fun for Music Fans and Everyone
  • Discovery of New Music and Bands
  • Win Free Merchandise
  • Gain New Friends

How would you like to be chosen to receive free merchandise from a participating musical act of your choosing just for attending and participating in a social media event on Twitter?

On the week of the event, a newsletter will go out with dates, times and the acts who will be participating along with images of the merchandise they are offering!

To have your chance at being chosen a winner to receive free merchandise after the social media event ends, subscribe to our Fan Newsletter. Then simply interact with the event acts to discover the music and merchandise you like most.

Interactions Considered Are:

  • Asking questions
  • Retweeting posts by the acts
  • Subscribing to artist newsletters
  • Sharing music and merchandise images
  • Being the coolest fan of the day!

Note: If you are under 18 years of age, you’ll need your parent’s permission!

At this point we just want to find out how many music fans are interested in this before we go forward with it!

Please participate on our polls via Twitter and Subscribe the the Music Fan Newsletter today!!

Feel free to comment below with feedback for questions!

FAQ:  Can I invite my favorite independent act to participate? SURE, send them to the page – Social Media Bands and Fans Event – Bands