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An idea came to me this morning that might lead to getting music fans more involved on social media and promote the idea of listening to new music from the Independent Music Scene. It would require a single merchandise offering and possible donation and shipment from a few acts per week/month. The more bands that are willing to offer up merchandise, the more fans will want to get involved! Some donations may not actually be given out that week depending on what the winning music fan chooses! The artists would ship the merchandise directly to the winner. We would be willing to pay shipping and handling if that would help out!



  • Reward Music Fan Social Media Interactions
  • Supply Free Advertising for the Bands
  • Build Brand Awareness – Fun place to share & find new music
  • Gain Music Fans as Subscribers


Social Media Events

The idea is to have a weekly or monthly social media event where a few/bunch of participating bands/solo acts would be available on social media the day of the event to interact with the music fans. Share the stories, music and merchandise photos with the fans. Answer questions coming from the participants, etc.

Fan interactions could be:

  • Being Social on Twitter with an act
  • Listening to the music and sharing it
  • Checking out the merchandise and sharing it
  • Subscribing to an artist Newsletter
  • Retweeting parts of the conversations during the event.

Fans interactions are like them buying tickets but without having to buy anything.

At the end of the social media event day, a winner would be chosen based on interactions or randomly if we feel many fans did a great job. They would be asked which band they are choosing the merchandise from. The music fan, the act and the merchandise chosen would then be announced publicly from our Twitter account with an image of the acts choosing. (Maybe of the band holding the merchandise?) Winners need only to send the chosen artist their mailing address info.

What We Will Do First

Before this even gets started, some research on the subject of the music fan interest and of course the feedback from everyone! Then on the build a music fan following here at Indie Music Bus and getting them signed up to our newsletter so we can inform them of the events and participating acts!


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