DIY Music Business ArticlesWelcome, Walter here! In an attempt to offer DIY Music Business Articles at extremely modest once a year subscriptions, we are doing some research! After we determine the cost in paying the writers, we will consider the price for artists to read them. We are most interested in DIY music business articles offering help for independent do it yourselfer bands and musicians.


During this research phase, we have some questions;

  • What’s fair pay for exclusive & non-exclusive content per 500 words?
  • Would the writer like the option of royalties and paid a lower initial price?
  • Because we may have forgotten something, are there other considerations?

If there are enough interested writers, we will go forward and work to build up at least 10 articles before going live! Articles will publish only on Indie Music Bus with links back to the authors’ website. Content should include royalty free images with minimum of 600-1000+ words. Credit for images is also available via caption. 

Article submission options are email or using an official WordPress account here at Indie Music Bus. There will be an account setup here for all writers so that we may display an author box below all articles.

Payments made via PayPal prior to publishing of your article(s). Royalty deals will have to be individually discussed and hashed out.

Authors will be treated like royalty around here with plenty of social media praise. We will also gladly share some of your music related projects on request.

Subscribe to our Official Indie Music Bus Newsletter to stay informed on how things are going with this project! Hope to hear from many of you very soon!

Those interested should either post in the comments below or email me with Q&A. Glad to interact with you on Twitter as well!


EDIT: 6/13/2019

I was speaking with a copyright lawyer friend and I asked if this was a good idea and she said, “I don’t know, but consumers now are regrettably used to getting an inordinate amount of content for the amount of their subscription. It’s usually untenable for the content provider”.


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