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Ride the Indie Music Bus

NOTE: There are major changes coming to Indie Music Bus and this document will be updated- Subscribe to our Newsletter to stay in the loop!

There are five requirements to ride Indie Music Bus to receive long-term promotion and exclusive features:

  1. Be an independent musician or band
  2. Have music available to stream online
  3. Follow Indie Music Bus on Twitter
  4. Subscription to our artist Newsletter
  5. Our belief in you

Hello, I am Walter Hargrave and I proudly drive and maintain the Indie Music Bus!


What Indie Music Bus Is

  • A brand name and acronym “IMB”
  • A metaphor for a vehicle to support independent music
  • A software that is the engine that drives our automated part of social media promotionWalter Hargrave - Indie Music Bus
  • A philosophy of effective teamwork
  • Long-term, trustworthy support
  • Honest and transparent
  • A team of volunteer writers and listeners


What Indie Music Bus Does

  • Listens
  • Offers promotion & social media opportunities
  • Invites certain artists for an interview
  • Offers Tips and DIY advice
  • Pages with friendly radio stations and blog sites
  • Free Services and Ad free websites



Research Phase / A&R

The thing we do the most around here is listen to music! Lots of music, we have listened to more songs than we can count over the years. Music submissions arrive via email, from our database on the IMB website or via a third-party interface like at ReverbNation. Often, 7 thus far, we work with ReverbNation to find many of the artists we now feature via their campaigns.


Social Media Promotion on Twitter

For artists Riding the Bus, its “engine” shares music, video, websites, reviews and interviews. During our automated promotion cycles, it uses a mixture of random processes, day of week and time of day type events, to broadcast stored information about an artist or band.

Information broadcasts could be a song title by an artist name with a link to the music or any of the things mentioned above.


We are Social

As often as possible, we will watch Twitter and other social media to answer questions and direct messages. Sometimes fun chats and informative chats will spontaneously occur. Often, the conversations spark an idea for new advice to share with others. Chat with us on Twitter anytime! 


Extensive Interviews

Artist and Industry Interviews: There are officially two of us, Candice and myself, who work on interviewing artists, industry professionals and hobbyists. They are about 800+ words long and carefully researched.  The questions asked will conjure answers that will appeal to music industry media and music fans.


Pinned Tweet Simple Opportunities/Contests

As often as possible, we create and offer simple but effective opportunities to give everyone a chance at exposure. For instance, last week we had a pinned tweet that simply said, “Two acts will win interviews, simply like this post and comment why you should win!” Our pinned tweet promotions receive over 10,000 views per week. We fully expect that number will grow every week.


Twitter Polls

We use some polls to find out what our following think about certain things. Sometimes a poll’s purpose is to learn more about artists or industry people. Other times they are for the benefit of our followers. Occasionally they are just for fun!


DIY Tips and Tricks

On our website blog and social media accounts, we offer free do it yourself tips, tricks and advice on many music industry related topics. Every day, during the reading we have done, current ideas and information embellish our blog or promotion database.


Internet Radio and Blogger Directories

We spend much time checking out internet radio stations and blogs sites for quality features. Then we ask them to list their radio station or blogger information on our directory. The Indie Music Bus directories are our most used feature because they receive a great deal of traffic from the major search engines and from the promotion we do. The directories are the highest-ranking pages in fact! You will find the directories via our front page. Directory listings and usage are free!


Ready To Ride

Are you ready to ride the Indie Music Bus? Subscribe to our Artist newsletter so you never miss an important opportunity!  Visit our post: Submit Music Links and Your Story to learn more and to fill out a form! Be sure to be following @IndieMusicBus on Twitter!

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