Christina Taylor - Republish Indie Music Monday Interviews

Featuring the awesome Christina Taylor

Indie Music Monday Interviews

So that the artists we support can have maximum exposure possible, we are making this offer. Republish Indie Music Monday interviews on your own blog! They are a talented group of artists and bands who are well-spoken!

There are a few conditions however:

  • Interview must be three months old or older
  • Fill out the form below requesting permission for each article or work something out with us
  • You must write 200+ words of your own about the artist to appear on top of the interview
  • Include the featured artist’s Twitter account when sharing your article
  • Include a tag line at the bottom of the interview:
  • Tagline: “This interview originally appeared on Indie Music Monday –”

The Interviews

You can find the interviews by visiting Indie Music Monday and then paste the URL of the interview you want to republish in the form below.