Releasing an EP: Making music may be an art form, but releasing it into the world and doing your utmost to make it sell-able is pretty easy to define.

Releasing an EPLet’s assume you’re a fairly established band with a fan base of sorts, but have never released, or recorded an EP before. What’s the first thing you should do? I’m betting you’re thinking ‘Hit the studio?’? Nope. You need to do some customer facing trials, after all, just blindly recording music with no idea if your fan base likes it or not, who would do such a thing so blindly! Book a rehearsal room, and record, say, 10 tracks. This can be done on video, MP3, hell, use a tape recorder if you want too! Now, segment them up into each individual track, and segment each individual track into what you think the best part of that track is, you know, like when you hear an advert for a new track and they almost always only play the chorus? So about 10 seconds or so. Now, you need to play these to your fan base. I would suggest loading each segment up on YouTube, making sure they are unlisted, then using your mailing list (you know if you’ve read this far you should definitely have a mailing list) Invite your fans to a private listening party, (make it sound as exclusive as possible, as you want your fans to feel special) and then over a period of time, send them the links to the videos. Give each link, say a week or so. This gives everyone time to listen to the chorus, perhaps several times and then ask them to rate it with a thumbs up or thumbs down. Use YouTube analytics play time to confirm the length of time played matches the number of thumbs up or down. Once this has been done you should have some clear winners, and some clear losers. If they’re all winners great, if they’re all losers, it’s a damn good job you didn’t spend thousands of pounds at the recording studio isn’t it!

We won’t go over the recording process as that really is specific to the band, their budget and what they do or don’t like. So now you have your 4 tracks mixed and mastered ready to go. What do you do now?