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Receive Music Submissions for Radio, Blog, Podcast

Your about to find out how to Receive Music Submissions


Hello, my name is Walter and I am the founder and developer here at Indie Music Bus™. Indie Music Bus has a small team of super fans that work with independent music creators and supporters for free. Are main goal is to help everyone in the music industry who really cares about the artist more than themselves.

The Offer

Today, I am looking to expand a couple of our free to use directories. The directories list quality radio stations, podcasts interviews sites and music bloggers. I am looking for radio stations that:

  • Doesn’t charge for plays/airtime
  • Pays royalties and/or offer unique services to give artists useful exposure to real listeners.
  • Premium services are okay too as long as there are free options.
  • Mixes Social and Broadcast behavior on Social Media

Also looking to add more music bloggers and interview sites. If you manage or are the owner of any of these and offer quality free services, please use the form provided below.

The Payoff

Let’s collaborate in any way we can to help the artists get the exposure the deserve! The form below contains fields to let us know you’re interested in some sort of promotional collaboration or to offer suggestions. Give us a follow on Twitter so we can help promote your cause!

Have A Look

Here are the links to our directories so you can have a look at them before deciding to add your service(s).

  • Indie Radio Submit Directory – Link
  • Music Bloggers Directory – Link

Receive Music Submissions

Would you like YOUR service LISTED on our directory? – It is free!  Now is the time for you to Receive Music Submissions from our vast network of great musicians and via search engines.


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About the Author:

I am the owner at Indie Music Bus and Indie Music Monday and you might have guessed that I love independent music!

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