Walter Hargrave Music Fan - Indie Music BusHello, Walter here, I am a music fan to the extreme because I buy tickets to multi day music events. You know that sometimes they cost thousands of dollars. Tons of EPs, Vinyl, CDs, t-shirts and other merchandise are part of my collection. As well as a multitude of online time spent promoting independent music. Now I want to doing even more. Something direct, so starting now and every Friday hereafter and until further notice, something new! I will be purchasing music and merchandise from many of you! I am a music fan and i’m going to prove it with my wallet and my social media reach! Not only will my purchase help you out a bit, so will sharing this will all our subscribers! All music types and genres accepted!

There are 3 requirements for your weekly chances to win:

  1. Be and independent act
  2. Subscribe to our Official Indie Music Bus Newsletter
  3. Follow the instructions below

In the comments section at the bottom of this post, include your Twitter, description of what’s for sale, a short story and a website link. Every Friday, two(2) of you will receive purchases from me! You can win multiple weeks so you only have to post once! I do suggest that you keep your store fresh with something new often as possible! Winners will be announced on Twitter with their handle and with what I purchased!

Good luck!I’m a Real Music Fan, I’ll Prove It

Walter Hargrave