Walter D Hargrave
Walter D HargraveCEO Indie Music Bus
Hello, I am here to help independent music continue to flourish as one of absolute favorite things besides my wife and kids 😉

I have been working with the help of many since 1998 to find our place in this tough music industry and believe I have found it. More on what it is a bit later down the development cycle in 2018.

To Do Checklist

Progress 3%
  • Programming Team – C# Rest, WCF – Complete

  • Interview Radio Industry

  • Record Label Interview

  • Discuss the Business with Artist’s

  • Work as/with Programmers (C#,REST, WSDL)

  • Trademarks, Register Brand

  • Document Pricing Model

  • Plan Marketing Strategy – Radio, Streaming, Film, Gaming Industries

  • All End User Documentation

  • Announce the Details

  • Announce the Release Date