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Pinned Tweet: Pinup Artist Promotion

Pinup Artist Promotion

Firstly, thank you to all who participated in this promotion so far and it’s fantastic to see! This is all about networking with your fellow artist.  Note: Everyone who has participated and not been promoted, still has a chance to be chosen for the next event. We are keeping track of you all! If you would like to see your submission it’s here. If you do not see your submission, let us know!

This week it’s Christina Taylor @ChristinaTMusic “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” on CMT & RADIO DISNEY COUNTRY & “American Dreamin’” on RD COUNTRY & SPOTIFY NEW BOOTS!

Pinup Artist Promotion

Read the instructions below to learn how to become our next promoted artist or band.

  1. Simply go to our Twitter account at @IndieMusicBus and like the pinned Tweet.
  2. Next, share your streaming site so we all can listen to the music.
  3. Listen to the currently pinned tweet artist/band, then comment. Check out some of the music shared there by others and comment on them if you feel compelled. If you’re not into the current artist, you should still take the time to post your music!

That’s it! Next week on May 28st 2018 we will chose the another artist/band to be the next feature. During the week long promotion. we will be inviting indie radio station managers, bloggers and music fans to check out the artists on the pinned tweet.

Once the next promotion begins you will use the instructions below.

Participate by liking the currently pinned tweet and then express an opinion, some great advice, useful feedback or whatever you feel appropriate in support of the artist/band in a comment on the Tweet itself. Participation is how you get your chance to be the next pinup artist! Let’s build a community of support and caring in this industry.


NOTE: We will be checking your music out to make sure it’s presented well and this will be a factor!



  • Like the currently pinned Tweet
  • Comment on the Tweet, something positive or constructive
  • That will enter your Twitter account for a chance to be featured next time


Worthy Exposure

Our pinned tweets receive over 10,000 impressions in a weeks time. Expect those numbers to increase exponentially every week! Visitors to our time line come from all walks of life. Industry professionals, regular people and music fans alike! We will promote the contest on many platforms daily to keep the exposure high! Even for those not featured, all comments will still get exposure so make them count!

Independent Artists Only

Pinup artist promotion is only available to artists and bands not signed to a major label. This is true with all of our promotions and offers. It’s so easy to participate, you really have no reason to not take part!


 You can find the pinned tweet here and it will always be the top most tweet!

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