When we need distraction from the latest thing life has thrown, Danielle Hollobaugh delivers. Often writing poignant songs that everyone can relate to with themes like heartbreak, while delivering a hopeful message with glittering melodies, a snappy beat and a punchy chorus.  

Her latest release “Patiently”, released on July 31st, is no disappointment. It’s sure to delight pop enthusiasts everywhere with strong, smooth vocals and lyrics so catchy you’ll find yourself singing them under your breath days later. And it does this while resonating with any person who has experienced that pining kind of love – and really, who hasn’t? Perhaps we can all learn an important virtue from this song and apply it to our current world, in all its craziness, and just wait patiently for a bit of normalcy, and in the meantime, Danielle has lots more music available to help.

When asked what the driving message behind the song, it was this “I wrote this song to highlight the importance of empathy, even when it hurts. It’s about falling for someone who’s been through a lot and isn’t ready to commit because they’re still processing or working through things. But having that special someone by your side in the future makes the wait worthwhile.” 

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Her Musical Vision


Danielle has been blind since birth, and it hasn’t held her back one bit. With many accolades under her belt, Danielle Hollobaugh has taken home Best Songwriter award from the Florida Ignition showcase, as well as being announced as the overall winner. A fire was ignited in her as a young girl to spend her life writing and sharing her thoughts through music. 


Often performing at churches and festivals, right now Danielle is hard at work doing what she does best, penning even more music with the goal of inspiring others to pursue their dreams as relentlessly as they can. Personally, I can’t wait to hear what comes next from this young songwriter.


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