Sticky Tweet Contests

Hello! Some of you may have noticed or even participated in our last contest on Twitter. Our first Sticky Tweet (pinned tweet) Promotion Contest was for two bands or solo musicians to win interviews. It went so well we have decided to do them more often. In order for you to know about these contests, you should visit our Twitter account often to see our pinned tweet.

Sticky Tweet Promotion

Indie Music Bus Sticky Tweet PromotionThe main idea is to build a community around these contests and put the “social” back in social media. The promotions will range from blogging about your latest album and sharing it on the pinned tweet to a simple comment on the tweet. Participate in as many different contests as you like! We invited you all to support each other in these promotion, build the community feel of the promotions.

Free Exposure

The contests will be designed to give you free exposure to something YOU created. Each of our pinned tweets will receive about 10,000 impressions per week! That’s a lot of free exposure for whatever you share so make it count!  Sometimes we will send the details of the latest promotion to our mailing lists a little after the promotions starts. Those of you who monitor our Twitter closely will always know about these free exposure contests first!


Have Fun

This is really what it’s all about, having fun! Let’s get to know one another a little better and build a much need community around your craft! @IndieMusicBus