Thanks for taking time to visit. Consider answering these questions at your leisure. Some or all of your questions may be used in an article that we will publish and promote along with your Twitter handle. We will use the information we gain from your answers in Project: Indie Music Bus

  • Tell us about your station’s format and the genre’s you support.
  • Who make up the majority of the listeners on your station?
  • Do you have difficulties in finding music to fit your station?
  • What percentage of the submissions you receive actually make it on the rotation?
  • We have dealt with years and years worth of music submissions, Do artist’s still send untagged music and in the wrong genres?
  • Would you find it useful if a free service for pre-filtered music submissions was available? (Pre-filtered meaning, correct genre, tagged, under 5 mins, radio friendly and well produced.)
  • Do you notice many artist’s that are willing to work with one another?
  • What would help you most to do your daily tasks for your station?

Use the handy form below or email your answers to indiemusicbus at gmail dot com