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Walter Hargrave

We conducted a poll on Twitter and found that many of you are online only musicians. Building an online fan-base can also be a struggle. In-light of this information we decided to help. It will take some time for us all to work out the details. Let’s do that together, let’s define how this will work. This article will grow as things are worked out.

Community Building

Since all your fans will also be online, we will work to devise ways to build a community online. People will need things to do often as possible. We should discuss and outline things people like to do online.

Hashtag Twitter Chats

Let’s decide the hashtag to use during our first chat session. #IMBChat for now.. There will be chats for the musical acts and others for the fans.

Daily Fun for Fans

Ideas will go here to entertain and reward the fans.

Newsletter & Form

Interested in participating in the first online hashtag chat? Subscribe to our newsletter and fill out the simple form below. The newsletter as a checkbox “Online Chat”, check that! The information from the form will be used to decide the time and date of first few chat sessions. We will send out a simple newsletter informing you about the times and dates of the first chats. USA/UK

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