Dantès Alexander, the Prince Regent of EDM, has just passed 2.4 million global streams…..in addition, he has just released his highly anticipated new 4 song EP “New Jack City” and a 16-Bit Video game worldwide.

Dantès Alexander is blowing up on Spotify and all over the world, and fans are super excited about the new EP “New Jack City.” For an indie artist to break 2.4 millions REAL streams is an amazing accomplishment, and Dantès Alexander has no intention of slowing down.

We sat down for a one on one interview with this amazing artist:

How has your career evolved since its beginning?

Ha! Well! I have a family now! People that I love and love me! Great people! They know who they are. They’ve inspired me to grow and evolve. But, Oh boy, God has been amazing to me, I just wanted to sing and express myself. After my brief 15 minutes of fame on Showtime I was a little fearful.

I never would have imagined me becoming a Chicago Music Award Nominee, multiplatinum artist on Spotify, producer, songwriter and business owner. I never dreamed that I could do all of these things all while being authentically me and inspiring others.

What is your ultimate goal?

Ultimate goal, let’s see…it’s multimedia domination, I want to rule the universe. I want my company to be present in all forms of media and provide a platform for all who feel marginalized.

How have your biggest influences influenced you?

They’ve influenced me to be a master of my craft, take chances and go out on faith. Furthermore, I think they’ve taught me to be fully immersed in all things music, video and games. Myself and my team have moved into music production, remixing, sound design for TV & film, Game design, video production and art copy. There are so many influences to name, but I’ll start with these:

Michael Jackson
George Michael
La Bouche
Janet Jackson
Tina Turner
Elton John

How do you think or how would you like to influence others?

I think the moral to this life is perseverance, kindness, faith, friendship and overcoming adversity by being unapologetically you.

What music do you like to listen to?

Ha! who else but me would have young Dolph’s ” On God” play after Prince’s “The future” but me. I have pretty eclectic taste. Some days I go through Rock binges other days I have disco binges.

What’s next for Dantès?

Dantès actually has a Pseudonym project out now. In the next few months there will be a role out of a remix to an iconic dance song by an iconic group. I just teamed up with famed German label DMN Records. My company is working with 2 new artists whom I’m working with now to release their projects, we’re developing more video games, writing books, scripts and of course there will be another Dantès project.

The official website for Dantès Alexander may be found at https://www.dantesalexander.com