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Each playlist is a stage on Indie Music Bus!

Spotify Playlists - SubmitHello and welcome to our Spotify playlists submit page! We have put up this page because it’s time for us to build our playlists up with amazing independent music. We hope to fill our playlists below with music from acts like you. It is well known now, that play lists are on the upward trend therefore, getting listed is more important than ever.

Once a Spotify play list has 25+ songs on it, the heavy promotion will begin. Therefore, now is the best time to get the best exposure and equally important, song plays! Below are the different playlists on offer you can submit to appear on. As a matter of fact, some of our promotions of these playlists have paid ad campaigns in the works at Indie Bible, press releases to PRLog and other such services. There are also other independent music supporting sites like directories we can use. Google and Twitter were considered for advertising but the research results were not promising, so we took those off the table.

Please follow the playlist(s) you’re applying for! The likes on the playlists will look good to new visitors and they will be more likely to listen during the first visit.  We have supplied the links to the play lists below so you can do so!


Theme Playlists

Christmas at Home 2021 Playlist

Indie Music Monday Stage Playlist (All Genres)

This is an older playlist that we are reviving! New additions will be added near the top!

Indie Music Monday Stage Playlist


❤️‍🔥 National Girlfriends Day Songs ❤️‍🔥

Let’s hear the song(s) you wrote for your girlfriend! There is nothing more motivating than love. These songs are usually the best of all!

National Girlfriends Day Songs Stage Playlist


Of Absolute Importance

This playlist is for song you wrote that have a special place in your heart. All songs might be like children to you all but these songs are more than that. Please listen and see what I mean! If you listen, you can tell why the songs are important to each artist, seriously! These songs have special meaning to the artist!

To get on this playlist, visit this tweet listen to some of the playlist so you understand what we are looking for and then tell us about your song.

Of Absolute Importance Playlist


Genre Playlists


Alternative Stage Playlist

Alternative Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Prog, Punk, Rock Stage Playlist

Prog Punk Rock Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Heavy Metal Gold Stage Playlist

Heavy Metal Gold Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Pop Stage Playlist

Pop Music Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Americana Folk Stage Playlist

Americana Folk Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist

New Country Stage Playlist

New Country Music Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


R&B Soul Stage Playlist

R&B Soul Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Hip/Hop Rap Stage Playlist

Hip/Hop Rap Stage on Indie Music Bus Playlist


Holliday Playlist – Halloween


While you’re here, you can also submit to our radio station: Indie Music Bus Radio WIMM

Here are the radio streams if you’re interested in hearing the music we are supporting: