Indie Music Bus™ Engine, our hand written, in-house software integrates and utilizes the powers of Twitter™, Spotify™, SoundCloud™, BandCamp™, iTunes™ and Amazon™ to help promote the worthy.
We’ve added powerful new features to the engine recently, including:
  • Made it possible to create local playlists of BandCamp artists along with commentary. From that list, the engine pulls the rest of the info from BandCamp including, album/track image and title, genres and tags. On days when there are a number of new releases in our emails or during BandCamp Friday events, the engine creates nice looking tweets that are shouted out to followers on different Twitter accounts depending on the day of the week. On Monday’s it would be our Indie Music Monday account for instance.Indie Music Bus Radio WIMM Logo
  • Similar to the BandCamp process above, except to directly read any public Spotify playlist.
  • Shares information about the currently playing track on our radio station, including the track image, and where to buy the track on one of iTunes, BandCamp or Amazon.
  • Every Friday, Spotify curates all new releases from acts we’ve liked in the past and creates a “Release Radar” playlist. We are now sharing many of these new releases during the Music Monday hashtag trending events via our Indie Music Monday Twitter account. Music from the “Release Rader” playlist are also being considered for our radio station playlists.
In other news, our two hour Indie Music Monday radio show in development. Also, jingles for the station have been ordered from male and female British accent professionals.
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Thanks for reading and see you out there!