Image Credit: Anton Barbeau/Big Stir Records

Walter has been busy this past week building some new features into the bus sharing engine. From our headline you may be asking yourself, “BandCamp has public playlists?”, and no, they don’t.  But we managed to come up with a way to make playlists ourselves and then pull the meta data from BandCamp in a lightweight way for each track to share on Twitter. The image to the right is an example output to Twitter we did during our first test run. The track name, Track url, image and little description on the end of the tweet all came from BandCamp. Knowing that just about everyone prefers BandCamp, this is an awesome addition!

On Spotify, we are able to actually use any public Spotify Playlist to do the same thing. All of this saves us so much time, it’s far less work and there are fewer mistakes.


Now is the time to get more involved by being social with us on Twitter. Because that is where you will discover these kind of opportunities most often. Your chances to get added to one or more of our playlists are greatly increased! If you can’t use this yourself, maybe you know someone who can? Thanks for stopping by and reading this and  see you soon on Twitter!