ROCCR.COM – the next chapter in crowdfunding


With our partner, Indie Music Bus, we’re looking for bands and artists who want to get their next project off the ground.

It could be a new tour or a recording session to get your album recorded.  It could be for your first demo or anything that helps bring your fans closer to you and keep them more involved in what you’re doing.

The first batch of projects can go live on our new site at no cost.  The driving force behind our new crowdfunding site –, is to be as upfront and honest with costs, as possible. Usually, it would cost £99 to list a project,  but we’re waiving that fee, entirely,  for the first few projects on the site, so – get in touch!

To do that – just drop us an email:


What do we need to get a project live?


  1. A lead image and, if possible, a selection of images.
  2. A video – this helps bring projects to life, and really does increase interaction with your fans, and supporters. It’s not essential – but is highly recommended.
  3. Some text about the project and the team – tell us (and your supporters) more about yourself. Help them understand what you’re trying to achieve.
  4. The target/goal you’re aiming to get to (how much money are you trying to raise and why)
  5. What rewards do you plan to offer?  – Ideally at least 3  things that ‘money can’t usually buy’ for your fans.
  6. Date for your goal i.e. Christmas release?


What’s a reward?


This is where your imagination comes into play. If you’re a band – perhaps a basic reward would be a download of the new album. For the next step up, a physical CD. Then, a signed copy, or a copy on Vinyl. Perhaps a special limited edition copy on coloured vinyl. Above that – maybe your fans would like to visit the studio where you work, or perhaps receive one of the instruments used in the making of your project. As the rewards become more exclusive, that can be reflected in the level of cash needed to secure the item.




Indie Music Bus’ earlier interview with us was a great insight into what we’re trying to do, why, and how.

In essence, you get peace of mind – the knowledge that your money is protected.  It’s held in a third-party account that neither we nor anyone else can touch –  so, it’s all safe and secure.  We’re being transparent and honest about the costs and we’re a ‘limited by guarantee’ company, which means we’re not driven by shareholder profits.  Any money we do raise pays for the service and that allows us to build up our network. All that support helps us do what we can to make things even better – we’re aiming to be a “not-for-profit” organisation.


Industry knowledge, and credibility.


As one of the founders, and directors of, Iain Baker, keyboard player, and manager for Jesus Jones, has been in and around the music industry most of his career. He’s seen the highs and lows of the business, and his experiences with crowdfunding helped shape the ideas, and values that is aiming for.  It means we’re a company that knows what artists want, and need. We’re sympathetic to those needs – as we’ve actually been there, ourselves.


What’s next?


We’re shortly launching the site, the background work is done and we’re now just building up the projects to go live on the site. So,  If you’ve got an idea and are looking for that next step, why not get your fans closer to the action and crowdfund with ROCCR?


Email with your details.