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NEW: We just discovered any user can abuse collaborative playlists including deleting everything. We were unaware! So sad about this and the idea won’t work after all.

Walter & Darlene Hargrave

Walter & Darlene Hargrave

Great news, it’s now possible submit your new music releases by adding your Spotify track to the collaborative playlist below. Just visit it anytime and add your latest for our evaluation. Because we already have most of your info, no need to keep sending us all the other details every time. We’ll be in contact for reviews or interviews. If you have never submitted your music to us, please Submit Music Links and Your Story

In other news, our promotion engine can now share music on Twitter via Spotify Playlists. This has sped of the process of us being able to promote music more often.

Times are hard for us right now that we are working from home but it has to get better soon. Then the music reviews and interviews will start back up. Appreciate for your patience in this matter.

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