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Artist of the Year - David Geftakys

David Geftakys has been voted Artist of the Year after careful consideration by our panel of judges. We are so very proud and honored to work with such a talented artist and to award him for his achievements and great music!

During our Artist of the Month promotion in Oct/2012, David's fans were extremely supportive. They shared everything that happened during that month on Facebook and Twitter and continue to do so today! Just goes to show you how much they actually believe in him!

About David

David Geftakys is a new artist/songwriter from Los Angeles. His first big splash in the music world came with the release of his first music video and single "Games We Play" which has been spreading all over social networks. Since it's release it has been on countless radio stations & has been nominated as Best Music Video by Artists in Music Awards.

He has several releases already under his belt. His first EP, 'Lines In My Hands', was met with strong reviews from both critics and fans. His single 'And You' was rated in the top 1% of song reviews by SoundOut, a partner of Fontana music, and his single 'Say It All' Was rated in the top 5%. David's close interaction with his fans on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & more show the deep connection his music has created with thousands without losing a unique personal touch.



Indie Music Bus™ Interview Excerpt

Could you please describe your next record to the readers in terms of clothing?  I mean, is it a hoodie, a turtleneck, leather shorts & what colour is it?  When's it out and where can we all get one?
Ha ha ha ha I have to admit, I have never been asked to describe music in such a way. I mean, music for me is a sound that generates emotions, images, evokes memories etc. I rarely connect any of these with clothing. But to quote Forest Gump, "You can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Where they are going, where they've been.. my music would definitely have worn-out shoes. ?? "I'm running, I'm running" ?? lol Read More

Review of David Geftakys Music via Tom Wardman's Music Reviews

"Games We Play" was indeed the first track I listened to, and I loved the acoustic, gentle intro. This was complimented well by the soft use of drums, which I found to be something different and a feature not used much in many pop songs of today. The tone of the vocals was beautiful and helped create a soothing atmosphere alongside the soft instrumentation. I particularly liked the use of backing vocals in the chorus and 2nd verse; some of these acted as a pedal at times, which I thought was fantastic, and they were also in perfect harmony with lead vocalist. I also loved the high notes of the lead vocalist. These were at perfect pitch and sounded beautiful. What I liked most of this song was the lyrics of "I'm Running" incorporated intertwined vocals. Furthermore, there was also polyphony incorporated with these vocals as the instrumentation dies away in middle section. Similarly, I thought it was fantastic when the instrumentation faded into nothing to end the song in a peaceful manner. Read More

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