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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

JHARIAH🌹 Animator, Musician, Architect of Amazing

In this interview with JHARIAH🌹 @JhariahClare, we will dig a little into his career and talk about his latest EP To Mend the Sun. I was going to write more here but the interview is informative and entertaining enough! I will say I believe Jhariah Clare will have a long and fruitful career in music and the arts. Did the music or animation come first and when did it click for you to combine them into the perfect way of introducing your latest EP? In other words where you an animator or a musician first? Jhariah self portrait It’s a bit complicated but to put it simply I think the seeds were planted for me to be an animator from the very start. I’ve wanted a career doing art for a living since I was 5 years old. As a kid, I really wanted to draw Manga and graphic novels as a career. In high school, I started freelancing to make some money and realized I really loved commercial illustration as well, so I figured with those two skill sets, the plan would naturally be to go to art school, keep freelancing, and then go on have a career in illustration. Whenever I’d envision it, it felt attainable and even exciting to some extent, but something about it just didn’t feel ambitious enough. I think my parents still wince at the idea that “Freelance illustrator with a variable income” wasn’t a hard enough [...]

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Covers: Copyright or Copy-wrong?

Disclaimer: This is an overview of licensing and copyrighting, for reference – not legal advice. Copyright Copyright law is a minefield and failure to play by the rules can land you in hot water. There are many myths and misconceptions about what is and isn’t allowed and the law differs considerably between the UK and US. For example, the US operates “Fair Use”, while the UK abides by “Fair Dealing”. This means that while you might be able to justify using a copyrighted work in the US, any unauthorized use of copyrighted material in the UK constitutes an infringement. However, everybody loves a good cover song. So, here’s a quick guide to staying on the right side of the law when covering your favourite number. Licensing Songs are divided into two aspects: the lyrics and melody (the composition), and the recording. Compositions are protected by mechanical rights, while the original recordings are covered by master recording rights. In order to use either part of a song, you will need to acquire the relevant license(s). In the industry, the intellectual proprietor(s) owns 100% of the mechanical and master recording rights. This sometimes confuses people, who regard the rights as 50:50 but they are two separate lots of rights that apply to the same asset; in this case, a song. All recordings are covered by both to protect owner(s) against copyright infringement. However, unless you are sampling the original recording in your cover version, you only need [...]

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Rocky Kramer’s Latest Album “Firestorm” Now Available Worldwide

Rocky Kramer’s 14 Track concept album “Firestorm” is now available worldwide in all formats, Digital, CD & HQ Vinyl. Hailing from the Scandinavian Peninsula country of Norway, Rocky Kramer is truly a modern day Viking, poised to take no prisoners as he conquers the hearts, minds and souls of rockers around the world! Armed with a guitar, this graduate of Metal 101 constitutes a triple threat as a composer, vocalist and formidable musician. While attending school in the United States, Rocky caught the attention of the Allied Artists Music Group, who soon inked a deal with this inimitable musician. Stephan Bauer, President of Allied Artists Music Group (Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones) comments that "Rocky is the essence of modern metal, mixed with a tenacity that makes for rock legends" adding that "those of us at Allied Artists are proud to have him on the label and look forward to introducing him to today's audiences who will find his music invigorating and his message captivating." Perhaps as a portent of things to come, Rocky was voted 2012's Best New Male Rock Musician by the editors of Rock Over America Magazine and was recently welcomed as a new member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences ("The Grammys"). Rocky has begun touring and headlining festivals with his band as he starts to present himself to wildly enthusiastic U.S. audiences. Rocky’s first U.S. produced album, “Firestorm” is now available worldwide through the Allied Artists [...]

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Have Your Article Published on Indie Music Bus

Your Article Published on Indie Music Bus Many of you have expressed the desire to be a guest blogger so here's your opportunity. The article should be written is such a way that's it's useful to music folks and not available elsewhere. The length of the article should be 500 words or longer. If we don't choose to publish your article, you could always do so on your own blog. Fill out the form below to receive an email address and further instructions. If you feel you must be paid for your article, we sometimes offer those opportunities as well. One such opportunity is Limited Time Paid Gig for Songwriter Articles   Read the Indie Music Bus Privacy Policy

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Five Top Tips To Become A DIY PR Pro

by Laura Jenkins @LauraYourForte “Marketing is telling everyone you’re great in bed; Public Relations (PR) is getting someone else to say it.” PR is a powerful tool for anyone hoping to build their audience organically through a presence in the media (i.e. print & online publications, blogs, TV, and radio). It is often deemed more valuable than marketing seeing as anyone can buy an ad for self-promotion but convincing a journalist with a great reputation to shout about you from the rooftops improves your credibility. So, here are my top five tips to save hiring a PR agency and become a DIY PR Pro: Timing is everything   Stop being so eager! There is an overwhelming temptation to share the final mix of your new single immediately with no PR strategy in place, but you will feel disheartened when your hard work and talent doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Give yourself time to plan and execute a campaign that is relevant, exciting, and genuine; I advise a minimum lead time of six weeks to do this. Contemplate whether you could plan your release or announcement to coincide with a news hook, big event, national day, or holiday. Get this step right and everything else falls into place; you should even carefully consider the day and time your release will hit a journo’s inbox – it makes a difference!   Pack a punch with a powerful press release Keep it short and sweet. If the [...]

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Finding Music Later in Life, and a positive spin on our quarantine

The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music (POSSM)  @ThePossm My name is Earl Henrichon and I play in a Hartford, CT-based band called The Professors of Sweet, Sweet Music (POSSM). Yes, you heard right, that is the actual name of our band. We thought it would be hilarious if people actually had to say that out loud in the off-chance we were able to play shows in public. A few years later and we’ve won several Best of Hartford awards, a New England Music Award nomination for Best Band in CT and we’ve co-created the Hartbeat Music Festival (a day-long event showcasing local musicians of all genres). I guess now we are stuck with the ridiculous (but hopefully charming?) name. And now the world has gone to shit in a period of two months, and we are all in quarantine. Suddenly my band is not getting together and playing music, and there are no shows to practice for. This time has given me an opportunity to reflect on a lot of things when it comes to music, its impact on my life, my teaching and my family. I figured what the internet needed most was the perspective of white dad who was getting older and plays in rock band… so here we go! I am a high school Health and Physical Education teacher, husband of 14 years and father to an awesome (and sometimes totally insane) 7-year-old daughter. I also love to surf and have an [...]

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