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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by quest and official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate and shares or purchases you can muster! We are only reviewing music we really love and believe others will too so dig in. Comment if you feel so inclined to do so!

Music Review: Settin’ Myself on Fire by Christina Taylor @ChristinaTMusic

Walter here, and I want to start off with a little story. Me and my wife have been listening to Christina Taylor's music for a few years now. In May of 2018, we had the opportunity to attend the Key West Songwriters Festival and saw Christina perform in an intimate and romantic musical environment. It was on an awesome sailboat at sunset just after a storm. There were about 25+ people aboard. Some of Christina's family were there and an entourage of musicians and songwriters and some very lucky fans. They performed for us while we enjoyed the ride and the amazing scenery! After the performances, there were complementary finger foods and drinks being served from the galley below. Fans and artists, we all hung out and chatted on the ride back. Everyone was so down to earth and friendly. My wife and I will never forget that trip. We hope to do it all again someday! Thank you Christina, family and friends for those unforgettable memories. Music Review: Settin' Myself on Fire Darlene, here!  I like Christina Taylor’s music for a lot of reasons. Music was only available to me through radio before I was employed, and the only time I got to hear it was in the car. Scrolling the radio bands back then, it seems to me publicly played music in Florida was 50% country sound. It still is. The rest of the musical genres either share the remaining spectrum or [...]

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Music Review: Hourglass by YYNOT @YYNOTband

Hourglass Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave The “years go by like a flash.” There’s “only so many grains in the hourglass.”  Time is not limitless.  I won’t waste the reader’s time here comparing and contrasting YYNOT to those early sounds of Rush.  I’d rather savor this flavor.  YYNOT encased their original lyrics for “Hourglass” in a rhythm of such nostalgia, it makes me giddy.  YYNOT put in a timely amount of practice into making this song Peart-fect.  Stream it or go to their concert because this song is radio-rebellious five minutes in length. As you may have guessed, “Hourglass” is about time. If you read between the lines, it’s specifically about wasting time being unhappy by wishing, waiting and grasping.  There’s only so many grains of time and it trickles away unnoticed.  So, when inspiration and realization strike, act on it before the feeling slips away.  I have a “time” themed playlist that includes songs from various genres and eras. I slid “Hourglass” right next to “Time Stand Still” and it sounds natural there. You will get your monies worth either buying the album or going to their concerts! You'll have an amazing experience from start to finish. YYNOT has so much to offer, you are sure to feel satisfied after every listening session or concert! Pre-orders of their new album “Resonance” are available now! Your exclusive pre-order CD will be personally signed and numbered by the band. (limited to 1000)! Pre-orders also [...]

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Music Review: Co-Pilot by The Rose Monarch @TheRoseMonarch

And now this Song Review: Co-Pilot by The Rose Monarch Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave Darlene: The Rose Monarch I’m just a fan, with no expertise in describing a musical composition, but I believe “The Rose Monarch” band meets that “New York” standard of excellence fans expect.  A true artist, Rose Gabrielli sings like the devil, beautifully in control of her voice, she will pull you in.  I’ve listened to all their soundtracks.  Many of their tunes are darkly lyrical with a hard rhythm.  I could listen to them all day.  Their most recent single release, “Co-Pilot,” sounds different, but fans, don’t be deceived. I interpreted the story as being a devotional love song, combining worshipful submission, sacrifice and inevitable loss. I also believe it’s a self-destructive way to live.  Another listener may interpret “Co-Pilot” with an “if you love something, set it free” philosophical view.  I can see the dark side of a “Rose Monarch” theme: A redeemed soul, grateful for that saving love feels second best and is willing to stay until someone more worthy comes along.  Such thoughts are fatal.  The narrator sings “I’ll be here until you find someone who’s better ... until you find someone like you” and I say, “And then?”  There’s no happy ending because it seems there is no faith and confidence for the lover.  Those reasons are not talked about. Walter: I've read that this song was recorded and mixed in a basement [...]

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Song Review: Hazardous by The Como Brothers @ComoBrosBand

Song Review: Hazardous from the album "Jam Theory" Songwriters: Matthew J. Como, Andrew P. Como Review by: Walter and Darlene Hargrave A song’s introduction can be so unique as to be identifiable in the first few notes.  A song that induces vivid imaginings is a form of magical musical art.  “Hazardous” is a serious composition that must have taken a lot of effort and should be appreciated for that alone.   It’s tenderly sung in sweet opposition to the explosions being described in and about the relationship, as if that mitigates the damage caused to at least one of the two star-crossed lovers before they broke up.  I would describe this song as belonging in the alternative-techno-pop genre, while remaining uniquely Como Bros. The introduction, a techno beat, transmits a pulse loud then fading.  I imagine it as an agent acting like a beacon to recall a distant memory that still has the power to accelerate the heart.  The compressed, yet descriptive writing method used to explain why the relationship had to end is cleverly done.  I now refer to “Hazardous” as “Hazard, us” (Artist’s intention?).  Our crooner is cruising down memory lane and wishing things could have been different.  I feel like I missed a bullet. We chose Hazardous for a couple of reasons but the main one was that it had not received a review yet.  We're looking forward to review one of their latest tracks coming soon! [...]

Song Review: Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Jamie Alimorad @JamieAlimorad

Music Review: Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Jamie Alimorad off the upcoming album 'This Is Tomorrow Calling'! Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave Song is written by Jamie Alimorad, Gino Vannelli, and Ross Vannelli, produced by Ross Vannelli.   Darlene: A relatable romantic lament; easy to listen to, easy to sing and dance.  The occasional waft of Spanish guitar in this pop song feels unique and enhances the passion of a man protecting his investment in a romantic relationship.  The song title is suggestive enough to know somebody’s ready to break it off.  The lyrics left the impression a break-up is imminent.  He’s in it for the long haul, “Not Ready To Say Goodbye,” appealing to his mate, but there’s no clue in the song of succession or failure.  Jamie’s voice in this song has a teasing taste of George Michaels’ without the fluff and filler “whoa, whoa; yeah, yeah” found in many pop song lyrics.  The phrase “long haul” appeals to my southern roots, and many other people’s roots, as I found out.  It’s an often-used phrase for being determined to follow through on one’s commitments.  I thought “long haul” was a “southern” reference {A US civil war era reference for those who are unfamiliar with southern rock} or that it originated with truck drivers.  I didn’t want to imply that the “south” owns “long haul”, so I looked it up.  It’s a phrase developed in the 1800’s.  Yeah, I looked it up.  Didn’t [...]

Song Review: Repair the Breach by WHY @WHY_music

  Today we are here to review WHY’s song, “Repair the Breach” Review by Walter and Darlene Hargrave – Indie Music Bus   WHY is one of the bands who have been with Indie Music Bus since the very beginning. We are glad they are still at it! The band may have changed some players but they still sound like WHY!   Darlene: “Repair the Breach” appears to be an interpretation of the Book of Ezekiel.  You look it up.  The passage refers to defiance and rebellion.  Repair the breach by fixing humanity, starting with one’s self.  Pay attention to the prophet or be doomed!  People don’t change, apparently.  Hate, war, and violence are still a societal reality of modern human civilization.  There is no cure unfortunately, but we must keep trying (“Get up on your feet!”).  If Walt had not looked up “Son of Man, Son of Woman” we wouldn’t have found the Ezekiel passage which provided us with a deeper understanding of this song. On their own, the lyrics are straight-forward, and engenders discussions of modern-day life and I feel the angst of a prophet , his advice ignored.  Lead singer, Brian Cook, provides the emotional support for the hopeless prophet’s angst.  The driving beat instills urgency. I hear shades of U2 in WHY’s style and lyrical content.   Walter: Jeremy Dell (Guitar), Eric Nordquist (bass) & Brian Cook (lead vocals) start it off. The rhythm guitar, bass lines and vocal are [...]

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