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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

One On One Interview With Dantès Alexander, The Prince Regent Of EDM

Dantès Alexander, the Prince Regent of EDM, has just passed 2.4 million global streams… addition, he has just released his highly anticipated new 4 song EP “New Jack City” and a 16-Bit Video game worldwide. Dantès Alexander is blowing up on Spotify and all over the world, and fans are super excited about the new EP “New Jack City.” For an indie artist to break 2.4 millions REAL streams is an amazing accomplishment, and Dantès Alexander has no intention of slowing down. We sat down for a one on one interview with this amazing artist: How has your career evolved since its beginning? Ha! Well! I have a family now! People that I love and love me! Great people! They know who they are. They've inspired me to grow and evolve. But, Oh boy, God has been amazing to me, I just wanted to sing and express myself. After my brief 15 minutes of fame on Showtime I was a little fearful. I never would have imagined me becoming a Chicago Music Award Nominee, multiplatinum artist on Spotify, producer, songwriter and business owner. I never dreamed that I could do all of these things all while being authentically me and inspiring others. What is your ultimate goal? Ultimate goal, let’s's multimedia domination, I want to rule the universe. I want my company to be present in all forms of media and provide a platform for all who feel marginalized. How have your biggest influences [...]

April Rose Gabrielli Rules Her Destiny

April Rose Gabrielli April Rose Gabrielli rules her destiny. She has total command over her voice and her life! Check out Eileen Shapiro's review of April's and Kulick's gig in New York's, "The Bitter End" and April Rose Gabrielli “Adding to the Sparkle” Indie Music Bus, celebrating its 10th successful year in independent music support on the internet, is a super-fan of Gabrielli, and supports quality independent music on its platform.  All agree, April Rose Gabrielli, was a rising star when she was heard on IMB in 2018.   Since then, she has been making all the right connections and the best of business decisions. She receives lots of help! As any artist will tell you, a team effort is required! From the moment she could breath air it began! Singing, writing poetry, learning about all the things she loved, entertaining so many along the way. You could say she has been sculpting her path to this moment for personal success. Her social activities and interactions during childhood sharpened her foundations for creativity. She learned how to focus her talent. Her bouquet of college classes where selected to refine her natural abilities allowing for the best possible success for April to create her new brand on the world. During April's college years and after earning her business degree from Pace University in 2015, April donated her personal time and energy to further her favorite causes and charities.  Whether acting as chairwoman, entertainer, April is always [...]

Broken Romeo Releases “Cobra Woman” @BrokenRomeo

We received an email about new music by Broken Romeo from James Turpin and we had a short back and forth impromptu "interview" about happenings during the pandemic. James also sent in a preview of Cobra Woman and after listening to it, I offered to put it up on the radio station!  We hope you all dig it as much as I did! Note: The radio station music player is in the footer of this page, maybe you'll catch it! And now, here is most of our little chat : Has the pandemic changed the way you guys live and work day jobs or together? I know for us, we are working from home now and hope we can continue to do so for the long haul. My brother and I have working remotely for many years so that part didn’t change much. Every day life certainly did! The band took several months off when Covid hit so that really limited what we could do. Tell us a little about the making of Cobra Woman and any new material. Do you guys do your own production, recording and mastering? We do everything in house except for the Mastering. We have been using the same mastering guy for years. Steve pretty much acts as our engineer. Matt uses a digital drum set to record his drums which is very cool. All in all it allows us the freedom to do whatever we want musically, sonically and [...]

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Fierce Chats With Devon Gordon AKA The RoseCrumbs On iHeart Radio

Devon Gordon (The RoseCrumbs) is a featured guest on The Fierce Female Network hosted by Fierce Founder Adrienne F. Manson (AKA Fierce). NYC singer/songwriter Devon Gordon (The RoseCrumbs) has just released her debut single, entitled “Sunflower”, a prelude to her up and coming EP. The song features Devon on vocals, lead/rhythm guitars and bass, with Jane’s Addiction’s Stephen Perkins on drums. Devon wrote the song hoping to put psychedelic rock back into a modern mix and in doing so has successfully created a booming kaleidoscope of sound, energy, and musical color. Currently attending the Pratt Institute, Devon is a classically trained pianist and a self-taught bass and guitar player. As an accomplished visual artist, Devon’s work has been published in The NY Times and exhibited in the Katonah Museum. Devon also founded Noise Art Magazine, a digital publication that features interviews with NYC college artists and musicians as well as art gallery and concert reviews.  Now she brings so much of this forward-thinking spirit to her musical vision, balancing a nod to the power pop and grunge of the past with a much-needed contemporary dose of rocking girl power. This is all taking shape in an age where so much cutting-edge musical work in rock (a genre that is supposedly fading if the press is to be believed) is being produced by women. Add Devon’s name to that growing list of uncompromising rockers.. Listen to Devon Gordon on Fierce Chats With Devon Gordon on iHeart Radio here:

How To Spot A Bogus Record Deal

How To Spot A Bogus Record Deal Recently a few people have contacted me with concerns about a record contract that a “Record Label” offered up to them. They were all completely bogus and, I’m going to help you spot fakes. 1. This is the easiest one to check for. Get to the end of the contract where they ask you to sign. If there is no space made for a notary or an attorney. Don’t even bother reading it any further. Record contacts are a dig deal and you’ll often be talking about large sums of money. Record companies will not offer you $500,000 if there is ANY room for doubt that you, in fact signed the contract. 2. Multiple, grammatical errors. I’m not an English professor and, my grammar is off at times too. I’m a normal guy so, hey… I know enough to communicate. When a record contract is drawn up, it is usually done by an entertainment attorney with reviews completed by their team. No one is perfect of course, you may find something that isn’t spelled correctly but, if there are constants, this may be a time to walk away especially if there are mistakes made as far as money is concerned. For example, If they state that they are offering you a $340,000 signing bonus but it’s worded as Four Hundred Fifty Thousand, uhhhhhhh. No thank you. 3. Changing contracts. Contracts are usually up for revision and, as a [...]

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U.K. Based Heavy Metal – Wrath Of Amari

When I was starting up the idea for the podcast, I met these guys on on a social media site from DistroKid called I was instantly a fan of their music and, them, as human beings in general. Their particular music style is one of their own however, I would describe it as early (1980's) Metallica flared with some Pantera. Heavy guitars, heavy vocals and heavy drum beats. The earlier work that I was privy to was a song called "Far From The Abyss" which, I have to tell you that, if you're a fan of heavy metal, is a must hear jam. Following in those footsteps... they released a single called "Homeless Star" - You can read all about that in the full interview below. Welcome back guys. Just to refresh everyones memory. Tell us who you are and what you’re about. Wrath of Amari consists of Dan (guitar), Sal (Vocals) and Zahir (Bass & mixing). Our main goal is to create heavy music with a good groove and lyrics that provide motivation and encouragement towards positive mental health. We have had a few people say that our music has given them motivation when they were not feeling so great, this for us is priceless and gives us the motivation to carry on creating. We’ve featured Far From The Abyss and Test on the show already, tell us a bit more of what those songs are about. Far From the Abyss is about [...]

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