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For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

#Interview – Revolushn @RevolushnBand

With their own very special brand of psychedelic insanity, the San Francisco psych rock collective has just unleashed "Further!!", to the unsuspecting world, a sonically tasteful album, with darkened lyrics and happy endings. Members of this faction include: No, on guitar, keys and vocals. No first picked up a guitar at 5 years old, and had his first band at age 11. No spent several years as a sessions player and Revolushn is his first effort at creating a sound and style. Dekay (David Kendrick), is the real rock star as No describes him, and has been a professional musician all of his life. He's been a member of bands such as "Devo", "Sparks", and "Gleaming Spires", and writes most of the lyrics for the group while playing the drums. Guinevere Q NBFD, plays the bass and does vocals. She is an activist, an award winning composer, a published poet and a full-time musician. Young Sun began his career as an actor in theater, commercials and film. He pays guitar, mandolin and vocals. Schubert Ola plays the keyboards and sings. She was born in Russia and studied to be a concert pianist at a very early age. She became a doctor in the Red Army, and years later joined the band. Even if this group sucked, they can get by on their interesting names alone. Revolushn began as a studio band and played songs written by No and Dekay. Their first release, "The Freshman", received [...]

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#Interview – Sluka

One of the most prophetic and musically advanced artists in the world today Christopher Sluka quietly and mysteriously defies imagination. He conjures up political demons, while celebrating their demise, and manufactures a darkness while illuminating the world with a euphonious sonic fantasy, meticulously encapsulated within his new release, “Colorful Radiation”. An abstract revolutionary, Sluka has the aptitude and attitude to create mellifluous masterful orchestrations larger than life to accompany his powerful lyrical messages in this 10 track masterpiece. Often and easily compared to Bowie, Coldplay, Radiohead and The Killers, Sluka has recorded 11 studio albums., as well as a Blu ray video album of last year’s compelling accomplishment, “Introversions”. “Colorful Radiation” was recorded and mixed by Sluka who also played all instruments including: guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, trumpet, trombone, French horn, ukulele and synthesizer. His powerfully emotional vocals has drawn inspired, global audiences to his memorable live performances of which sold out venues are commonplace. Aside from his overwhelming and captivating musical endowment, Sluka is also an Intercontinental renowned visual artist whose surrealistic oil paintings have been displayed in galleries all over the world. The San Diego based artist is also a long distance runner and an accomplished jet-type rated aircraft pilot. I was honored to be able to have captured some time with Christopher Sluka in between his dancing with the sharks while shooting all 10 tracks in 3D as a combo 3D, 4K, and Blu-ray package which will be sold on Amazon [...]

#Interview Toggo Ultrarock “Cannonball”

Norwegian born EDM rock artist Toggo Ultrarock has recently unleashed his new EP entitled "Ultrarock", a uniquely vocal masterpiece that's already creating a buzz everywhere. The release is filled with meaningful, and heartwarming lyrics accompanied by colorful, and tantalizing beats. The first single "Cannonball" is a radio friendly, uplifting track, that no matter what you do, you just can't shake it. Toggo has a very special history. Having paid his musical dues, he was in a band based in LA called, "Scared of Girls". Just when the band was to make a national breakthrough, Toggo mysteriously fell off the face of the earth. Eight months later he reappeared, losing everything he held dear including his house, his bank account, his friends, his car, and his reputation that he worked so hard to obtain. When the smoke cleared he wound up in rural Minnesota, raising a son as a single parent. Now with a new beginning he is more determined and optimistic than ever to follow his dream.... Congratulations on the release of your new EP, "Ultrarock". What were your inspirations for the lyrical content of the songs? Thanks! Apart from California Royals, which is a mashup, and I Want Nothing, which is about letting go and just having a great time, the lyrics were inspired by a combination of me being madly in love, and horribly heartbroken. I'm so proud of these songs, it's definitely the most inspired songwriting I've ever done, coupled with the [...]

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#Interview Captain of the Lost Waves : An Adventure in Alien Artistry and “Mr. Many Men”

Captain of the Lost Waves An Adventure in Alien Artistry and "Mr. Many Men" Somewhere on the other side of a glistening Rainbow, perhaps one not of this earth, yet in the minds and hearts of those who celebrate the eclectic the theatrical and the magical, dwells the Captain Of The Lost Waves. The master of modern Vaudeville, the Captain has sifted through Earth's Technology, and has unleashed online a small journey into the chambers of his soul with a mind-blowing video, "Mr. Many Men" a sample off his compendium: "Hidden Gems- Chapter 1. The sparkling dance of his inspiring performances can be experienced if you dare, throughout the UK, that is until he returns to the mysterious place we have borrowed him from...In the meantime, the words of the Captain reign through the heavens for all to enjoy... The Captain's Prelude: Now the first thing I should say here is that my ability to digress is an art form In itself ... I can circumnavigate the outer Hebrides of my mind and return to a question that initially & tentatively formulated in the digestive tract of my Ganges, yet still return to the request after collating roaming satellites into a cluster and a constellation which resembles a well behaved inter stellar stag party.... The Captain is a very magical character, where is he from, and what does he believe it? What inspires his music? The Captain resides in a timeless vortex, that which has [...]

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Working to Make It Interview with Kassidy Lynne

Kassidy won this interview on one of our contests on Twitter and I must say, she is rather an impressive young lady! We are very glad we choose her and will be keeping an eye on her career! Kassidy Lynne: Hello! Thank you for the interview! I've been following you on Twitter for a while now, so I am super excited to be doing an interview with you. I am having a wonderful day! Life is good and I am super excited to be going to Nashville next week!   Q: So, you were born and raised on a farm in Seattle and have a passion for singing and songwriting. Did your passions for those come from listening to music or something else?   A: Actually, when I was 9, I really wanted to be Hannah Montana, which was typical for a girl that age. In fact, I begged my mom to sign me up to go to a talent scouting event down in Orlando, because I knew I’d be discovered. So that’s what really got me into music its self. Then as I got older we only really listened to Christian music and Country music so that’s how I fell in love with the country aspect of it.   Q: After vocal lessons, you entered in an idol competition when you were only 11, would you say that experience gave you more confidence? What was the experience like and has it helped you going forward [...]

Interview with Ari Herstand – Musician, Entrepreneur, Music Industry Friend

By CA Marshall Editor | Starlight Music Chronicles Ari Herstand is the author of How To Make it in the New Music Business, a Los Angeles based musician and the founder of Ari’s Take. Hello Ari! Thank you for taking the time for this interview for the Indie Music Bus and Starlight Music Chronicles Spotlight platforms. Let’s start at the beginning with your music career. I had a glimpse into your ‘style’ and I have to say it is really unique with the combo of looping, trumpet, keyboard….you are very multi faceted. For first time readers finding out about you via this interview will want to know how you came about with your musical journey….. My very first shows around the University of Minnesota campus were with my dorm roommate at the time who was a cellist, my floor RA, who was a beat boxer and the girl down the hall who was a singer. This was my initial “band.” We performed a bunch of shows around town like this, but they moved away or moved on and when I performed solo I missed the bigger sound we created. I had seen looping done by someone at an open mic where he looped a 12 bar blues or something and soloed on top of it, so I knew the technology existed. I went to the music store one day and asked if they had something like that. They showed me the Boss RC 20XL loop [...]

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