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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

How to Book Your Own Tours DIY @ROCassataMusic

by Ryan Cassata I booked my first tour, completely DIY style, when I was 15 years old. I wasn’t well-known at all in the music world and I didn’t have a big following, so there was no guarantee that I would pack out venues with screaming fans. All I had at the time were some videos of me performing live on YouTube. That was key, because venues could hear what I actually sounded like live without any vocal effects or edits. HOW DID I BOOK THIS TOUR? It’s important to note that I booked the tour months in advance, when venues still had tons of availability. Plan ahead because space fills up quickly! The first thing I did was map out the distance from city to city of all the places I wanted to stop and perform in. I was doing an East Coast tour which makes things easier because major cities on the NorthEast Coast are much closer together then in the middle of the country or even in the West Coast. I made my tour map with specific dates that I wanted to play in each city, and saved it in a document on my computer so I could reference it. I sent my short bio (you definitely don’t want to overwhelm booking agents/venues with a massive message so it’s important to keep it short and sweet), some live YouTube videos of me performing at venues and doing cover songs, a link to my [...]

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Paolo Fosso: “Armonite”

One of the most modern and prolific composers to arrive on the music scene is Paolo Fosso and , "Armonite", an audacious and vibrant electronic band consisting of keyboards and violin. A compelling duo, "Armonite" is about to unveil their newest release entitled: "And The Stars Above". The album is set to release this May via Cleopatra Records. The duo consists of Paolo Fosso, the mastermind of "Armonite", who has also composed the entire album, and is the keyboardist and Jacopo Bigi, on violin. The album is marked by a massive orgasmic rush of electronic instrumentals and some atmospheric vocals, and genre all it's own, although some would identify it as progressive rock. It's more of a sonic revelation, combined with an earthly sensibility. I spoke with keyboardist and composer, Paolo Fosso, who is based in Milan, Italy. He was not only brilliant, but passionate about his artistry, and proud of his new release..... As a trained and relevant composer, what promoted you or inspired you to choose the music industry, a very tough field, and then to record the very unique music that you release? It's both a matter of attitude and technique. I've always been a keen observer and a frequent thinker, I take a giant step back into myself and watch everyone else go by, like from a window. Everything puts my mind in motion and when there's something worth of special attention, I need to portray it with music, which is [...]

American High: Rebel Activist

One of the most prolific, relevant, vibrant, and well-hidden activists is the mastermind of American High Doug Terry. American High is a band for the people! Their anti-war songs on their last album "Bones in the Attic, Flowers in the Basement" created a buzz before fans even realized it was a dedication to the war on war, as their orgasmic melodies and decadent harmonies resonated sonic pop culture at it's very best. Now the band's long and highly anticipated new single has just been released, as entitled "Cheye Calvo" another alt-rock/ pop phenomenon dedicated to the good of mankind. Caring only that their message be presented and their music be heard the band donates the proceeds from their music to food banks and their lives to being creative. American High is one of the centuries most important bands to arise, aside from being a blast to listen to. "Cheye Calvo" is catchy, fun and commercially accommodating, as well contagiously relevant. Watch for it on cd baby and all the other Digital venues within the next couple of days. With those who don't know who Cheye Calvo is and you're too lazy to Google it, what's the story behind that? In July of 2008 in Maryland, USA, a man named Cheye Calvo returned to his suburban home after having walked one of his dogs. Inside he found a scene of absolute horror. Over a dozen highly armed and violent intruders had broken into his house. His [...]

Interview: Yo Trane – @yotranemusic

Innovative, French, Urban alternative, R&B singer/songwriter, Yo Trane has recently released "Alone", a soft sexy song, surrounded by mellow, warm tones, catchy lyrics, and a meaningful story. Already gathering a massive following, Yo Trane will be releasing a second project, "Waves in the Moonlight", later this year. His songs are authentic, his style unique and salacious, and his voice is one of the best I've ever heard. I had an in depth conversation with the 23 year old artist who's persona wasn't very different from his songs, calm, real, and wishing to tell a story. It's very easy to fall completely in love with Yo Trane and his music. I want to hear about your music, do you write it, and what inspires your music? Yeah, I definitely do. To me it's kind of weird to let somebody else speak about what I want to talk about. As far as the music and the topics that I want to talk about, I wouldn't let somebody do that for me, at least not right now because I am just getting started. I want to keep it authentic. As far as what inspires me, Michael Jackson inspires me, Tupac, Kanye West, especially old school Kanye West, and also the people I am close with. They go through things in their relationships so I try to write something that they can relate to. Do you do a lot of live shows? Not yet, but I'm excited to start [...]

Interview: Free Willy “Remember The Alamo”

This evening I met a fabulous new artist, and a delightful man as well. W.B. Jones is the brainstorm behind Free Willy, a feel good, drama free, magical, musical combination of 70's style music, modern alternative bluegrass and just a Texas fashioned phenomena. The band proudly just released their debut album entitled, "Remember the Alamo". Although not the type of music I would normally listen to, I was miraculously amazed at Free Willy's ability to sound like a full-blown orchestra. I was also pleasantly surprised at frontman, W.B. Jones' vocal clarity. By the time I had finished listening to the complete recording of this full length album, I was a fan forever. The members of the band include: W.B. Jones, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Jim Taylor, back-up vocals and bass, Spence Peppard, back-up vocals, lead guitar, drums, Kevin Carter, fiddle and mandolin, and Steve DeVries, banjo and harmonica. This band was uniquely formed by Jones in a very interesting way. Aside from that Jones had the vision and insight and invented what he calls the "Free Willy", sound involving the lead instruments playing over the top of each other, as opposed to taking turns. W.B. Jones has a dream involving a household word, a shelf full of awards, and a next album, already named and set to be recorded this fall....and I truly believe he will accomplish his dream because his songs are honest and come from the heart. I just love your music, [...]

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Little Empire Nightfall (Live @ El Rey Theatre) Review : Tobi

Little Empire Nightfall (Live @ El Rey Theatre) Review : Tobi (   'On April 14 2017, Little Empire played El Rey Theatre on Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles. Constructed in 1936, at the heart the Miracle Mile, the Art Deco former movie theatre was lit up, not by the stars of the Silver Screen, but by LA's own Pop Rock quartet. Along with their usual set of well drilled delights, the band debuted a new song, Nightfall. And Deep End Visuals were on hand, to capture its first live performance. There must be something that you need', Lily Lewis teases, her voice a perfect blend of bitter/sweet sugarpop, and soulful rock. Lead guitarist, Dash Kackert stabs, tight, funk rock chord distortion. And Little Empire jump into life. 'Maybe that something is me?', freed from her usual station, behind her beloved Nord Keyboard, Lily dances and skips about the stage, enticing the crowd, drawing them into the song. 'Come on baby, kiss me when the night falls', the chorus bounces out across the audience, and in turn, they bounce with it. Dash and Bass guitarist, Jeremy Bauer support with backing vocals; whilst they, and drummer, Chet Nordskog, push the chorus on, in well timed leaps and bounds. New song or not, Little Empire are on it tonight. 'Oh do you, do you, really want me?' Between their duties on backing vocals, Dash and Jeremy move back and forth, the depth and width of the stage, enjoying [...]

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