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For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

Hammer Switch Oxford Art Factory Gallery Sydney Australia 15th June 2018

Hammer Switch – turned it on to FULL power Gig date: 15th June 2018 Venue: Oxford Art Factory Gallery, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Cronulla, Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia Members: Mitch, Angus, Chad, Blaise and Kurt Support or headline: Support act for White Bay (Sydney) Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was rockin’ out, headbanging, slaying the floor Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: It seemed like everyone was in awe of Mitch’s voice because we al had our eyes and ears fixated on him and the band from the get-go. Note: #1The spell was cast, and we were all swept into the allure of the atmosphere within Hammer Switch musical ‘castle’. Because that’s exactly what it was like. Genre: Rock Rating: 8.5/10 guitars My review: Awesome stuff, very raw and 80’s like sound A mix of everyone from Ozzy to Billie Idol to Metallica You’ve all got the “Rock” look down pat, impeccably matching your sound Great songs; spellbinding tales Mitch’s vocals, Wow!! You must gargle gravel! Astonishing and guitar and rhythm section Set List: Boiling Point Shots Fired Run and Hide Life Our Time Changing Gears Summary: Hammer Switch is a 5-piece band from Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire. They’ve been a band for a little over a year now, however this short amount of time only makes the appreciation in the quality of their music 10 X better. My opinion of “Changing Gears”: I love how raw this track is, and how [...]

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Why Proper Show Etiquette Can Pay Off

Why Be Nice, Show Etiquette I recently played a show where the opening acts were so rude! They acted this way towards the sound man, venue, promoter and to me and the other act…the co-headliners of the show. They were so rude that it was noticeable to my friends and family who had come a long way to see the show. Before the door guy even let any fans inside the venue…the band sent someone to talk to me and asked if they could soundcheck before me, I had already been waiting for my soundcheck for over an hour at this point, the band said “It’ll only take 15 minutes.” I said “sure” and I waited. The band sound checked for over an hour. When they played…it was no better. They didn’t thank any of the openers before them, they didn’t acknowledge that there were two other acts after them, and they didn’t thank the sound man or the venue for letting them play. They didn’t even bring any fans out to the show. They took 20+ minutes to get on stage and 20+ minutes to get off stage which bored the waiting audience. They didn’t stay for any of the openers sets and they left mid-song during my first song, missing my set and the set of the performer after me. Will I ever play with that opening act again? Probably not… It left a sour taste in my mouth about them. So you want [...]

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Sons of the East Oxford Art Factory Sydney Australia 9th June 2018

Sons Of The East – a moonwalk on the bar, should tell you how good this was! Gig date: 9th June 2018 Venue: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Sydney, Australia Members: Jack, Nic and Daniel Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was going mental, singing EVERY SONG! Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: In the video I got for ‘California’ you can see everyone jumping up and down with their arms raised in the air, and from the first note you can hear everyone, in the crowd, singing in perfect pitch. Such a beautiful sound; when band and audience come together as one. Genre: Indie/ Folk and Acoustic Rating: 8/10 guitars My review: Personally I absolutely loved the Drake cover, it sounded so cool and gave out a really ‘sick’ vibe, everyone was dancing and having so much fun You know how to capture an audience’s attention, whether that be moving around the stage really well or jumping off stage and into the audience… oh AND doing the moonwalk on the bar?!?! Good Job man! Banjo player was fantastic Jack has such a deep tone, you could get lost in his voice easily, whether he’s singing or just having a conversation with you. Intimate, and alluring. Set List: Hold On Fast and Slow Come Away Heavy Heart Miramare California (Video I took) Lost Cause Silver Lining Drake Cover The Farmer Already Gone Into The Sun My Repair Summary: [...]

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Maverick The Fuse Box Factory Theatre Sydney Australia 2nd June 2018

Maverick – Get into it, or get out of the way! These guys are real Punk Rockers! Gig date: 2nd June 2018 Venue: Fuse Box, Factory Theatre, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Sydney, Australia Members: Marty, Jordan, Jack, Corey and Mitch Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was going absolutely mungo!! Great atmosphere, great sound and an even greater band! Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: Moshpits, singing, fistpumps, headbanging…. Oh and someone even picked up the rubbish bin and threw it into the audience.. Crazy huh!! In Punk-land; this is just what you’re after! Genre: Grit Punk Rating: 9/10 guitars My review: Light show was amazing Songs were great Stage presence was fantastic, You all moved around the stage like you owned it   Set List: Infinite State Of Mind Ten Seconds Apologies King Crimson True Grit Longevity (video I took) Resolve Wayward Summary: Running amuck in Sydney, are the boys of Maverick. These 5 young guys live the lifestyle they write about and their attitudes and ambition are as heavy as their sound! It’s refreshing to have a band that could not care less what you think, and that is our friends in Maverick. They would rather be kicked out of a venue rather than telling their fans to calm down. Maverick is coming in HOT, bounce with the pit or end up under it. Definitely a band to see live.    

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Lazy Ghost The Lord Gladstone Sydney Australia 13th May 2018

Lazy Ghost – smoother than Maple Syrup! Gig date: 13th May 2018 Venue: The Lord Gladstone, Chippendale, Sydney Country of origin: Whistler, Canada Members: Kyle, Evan, Sam and Jack Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: The crowd was in awe of them and everybody definitely loved their music, no doubt about that. (eh!) Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: As much as you’d think everyone would be dancing, I only saw an older man (probably the grandfather of one of the boys, but I have no clue) dancing. He was going off, everyone turned their attention to him as he walked and danced around the whole venue (bare in mind it’s super small). No matter what his age; he (like us) was havin’ a great time. I could tell that he felt young again! We were all glued to watching the band instead of dancing! Sorry boys, ‘will dance next time. Genre: Psychedelic Mood Grooves Rating: 9/10 guitars My review: Songs are so catchy My favourite song that was played last night was definitely Hologram Saviour Evan (drummer) is such a good drummer! All band members are extremely nice, which is what you want from a band. J   Summary: Lazy Ghost’s psychedelic mood grooves had the crowd ‘grooving’ their hearts out. While at the same time; our jaws were touching the floor in awe of the Band’s voices and talent. The Ghost's blend of beautifully layered guitars coupled with multi-layered vocal [...]

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Gold Member Oxford Art Factory Sydney Australia 19th May 2018

Gold Member – Yeah Baby!! Gig date: 19th May 2018 Venue: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney Country of origin: Sydney, Australia Members: Aaron, Angus and Jessie Support or headline: Support for The Lulu Raes (Sydney) Good crowd/bad crowd: such a good crowd, some people were pushing and pulling but that’s what you get at gigs, so either deal with it or don’t go J Number of times seen band: 2 Crowd participation: Singing, swaying their hips and running back and forth to the bar.. Fun times!! Genre: Electro- Skank Rating: 9/10 guitars My review: Angus owns the stage (see my video) he has some amazing + extremely funny dance moves and he just puts 100% into his performance. Such good songs, so catchy Lightshow was great Awesome to see a new band member (Jessie wasn’t in Gold Member when I last saw them) Set List: Wild Stories Boy X (Video I took) Rope Swing Sweetest Thing Stick The Moon Roxanne (cover) Waiting For You Poppin’ A world her own Summary: Electro-skank-hop 3-piece from Sydney. ‘Az’ (on vocals and guitar​), and multi-instrumentalist ‘Gus Goldie (multi instrumentalist) and Jessie on Keyboard. Gold Member have been steadily making their way into our ears supporting Sticky Fingers, Boo Seeka and Lime Cordiale. Their music heaves up and down in intensity, transitioning from hip-hop verses mashed with 80's synths​ and hooks. Awesome stuff boys, a great and very entertaining show. keep it up!!  

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