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The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

Interview: Faith and Harry Rowen: “Just Be There” by Eileen Shapiro

Photo by Columbia SC photographer Sean Rayford One of the most refreshing, and talented duos to suddenly appear on the international pop scene and conquer the music industry are British/American brother and sister Faith and Harry Rowan. At the tender ages of only 12 and 13 they are already accomplished multi-instrumentalists, composers/songwriters /vocalists producing mature, sophisticated and professionally sonic tracks. Faith & Harry just launched their fourth track of this year entitled "Just Be There", an emotionally charged and heartfelt story about love, (of a friend) that is lost and missed. The song has a spirited flavor and a unique authenticity. Faith sings that song with an audaciously vibrant flair and a believable innocence. The two started playing music at age 3 with the violin, and then learned piano and guitar as well. In Harry's case the drums became his newest instrumental addition. Both were trained on classical music until Faith started writing pop music and fell in love with it. I spoke with the two multi-talented artists regarding their career, their newest released project and their wishes and dreams. I found them to be extremely polished and candid, and surprisingly funny. Faith and Harry have the entire package going on, talent, creativity, sensibility and they are both beautiful. They are a success story about to happen! So do you ever fight being so close in age? Faith: We argue and that's because we're brother and sister and are close in age. Your [...]

TOUR HACKS: A Nervous & Prepared Musicians Guide

What to bring on the road to survive Written by Ryan Cassata with help from Mae Krell & April Rose of the Rose Monarch Photo Credit: Mae Krell Touring is probably the most freeing thing I’ve ever participated in so far. I live for it and I want to be on the road as much as possible. While touring is fun, there’s also a lot of stress and a lot of thought needs to put into it and what to bring! A lot of unexpected things can happen on tour! You may not be able to find a place to eat for hours. You may get lost someplace where there’s no cell reception. These things have happened to me and I’m glad that I had some necessary items to ease my mind and get me moving forward on to the next show! This is a list of things that can help your tour, maybe even make or break your tour! This list includes things you wouldn't normally think of, things that are outside of what you should have on your merch table, and outside of bringing extra instruments and instrument cables and picks. These are the things that many people look over…A tour is essentially a road trip where you are doing a lot of work. It’s a fact that you’ll be on the road A LOT and it’s a fact that living on the road is so much different than being in [...]

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The Power of Non-Power Chords by @GhostlyBeard

My first attempt at learning classical harmony was a failure! I was 16 or so then and was interested in learning more about music and especially how to write. What stopped me from learning classical harmony was one of the rule that you learn early on: it says that you shouldn't use consecutive fifths. It's the biggest no-no that you will be taught: "Consecutives are the no.1 bad guy in figured bass! You must NEVER write consecutives." (see At the time, I was mostly interested in rock music, and one of the thing that you will hear all the time in rock, on the guitar at least, is power chords, and power chords are nothing more than root+fifth(+octave). You will hear them all the time, in any kind of rock music... They are easy to play, they are easy to combine because there's no third (meaning they are neither minor nor major, so you don't need to think too much about the key you're in), they are kind of key-agnostic in a sense, so you can can combine them in many ways, and create riffs out of them, which, as any rock fan will tell you, is what rock is about. The fact that classical harmony forbids consecutive fifths and that rock music is using them all the time extensively is something that puzzled me for a long time... Beyond Power Chords Anyway, all of this to say that as much as power chords [...]

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Jimmy Davis The Record Crate Glebe Sydney Australia 14th June 2018

Jimmy Davis – impressive voice, impressive range, impressive hair. Overall: impressive. Gig date: 14th June 2018 Venue: Record Crate, Glebe, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Member: Jimmy Davis Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: Great! They were in awe of how he used his voice in so many different ways and tones. Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: Whether you’re looking to your left, or your right you’d be sure to see everyone singing and dancing. There was even this one young lady who got up and was trying to get other people to dance with her. Unfortunately the one person she tried to get to dance with her; was way too shy, and scared of the crowd (of other dancers) 10 out of 10 to her for trying though. Genre: Alternative Rating: 8/10 guitars My review: Voice is very unique and diverse (strong, deep and high: the full range) Plays guitar really well I love how much you interacted with the audience Before you start singing, you need to say the name of the song (for every song, not just some) Set List: Sylvie Be Kind (video I took) Ocean and Sun Cruella Devil Comply Hollie Col (Holy Cow) Pure Imagination Eggs no more You’ve Been Changing She wants to fight Bittersweet Green Grass Bad Luck Travelling Man Summary: Jimmy Davis was a contestant on The X Factor Australia in 2015. He was in the Under 25 [...]

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Lord Dodongo The Record Crate Glebe Sydney Australia 10th June 2018

Lord Dodongo – welcome to my kingdom Gig date: 10th June 2018 Venue: Record Crate, Glebe, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Brookvale, Sydney, Australia Members: Harry, James, Gab, Josh and Jessamyn Support or headline: Headline Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd was absolutely mental. I swear I saw a few people that jumped way too high in the mosh pit and hit their head and hand on the roof lights. Sold out. Packed and ready! Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: When James stood up on the amps at the back of the stage everybody started screaming with excitement not only because of how rock ‘n’ Roll it looked and was, but how dangerous it could have been if he fell, which thankfully did NOT happen. Everyone in the crowd was having way too much fun and I could tell that they didn’t want the concert to finish. Genre: Psychedelic Noise Rock Rating: 8.5/10 guitars My review: Great songs James was being a daredevil and climbing up onto the amps, sticking his tongue out for the camera, doing the classic rock moves with the guitar. Josh and Gab are such amazing singers Jessamyn seemed to be very quiet but give her a mic to hold and a guitar and she’ll shred the mic down the strings of the guitar!! Wow, what a sight to see, you absolute ROCK CHICK!!! Set List: Intro Deep Water Black Snake Eulogy to a wet rock White Wolf Yellow Dream [...]

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A.Swayze and The Ghosts Enmore Theatre Sydney Australia 31st May 2018

A Swayze and the Ghosts – support for two big-name bands, and still nailed it! Gig date: 31st May 2018 Venue: Enmore Theatre, Newtown, Sydney, Australia Country of origin: Hobart, Australia Members: Andrew Swayze, Hendrik Puss Wipprecht, Zac Blain and Benjamin Simms Support or headline: Support for JET (Melbourne) Good crowd/bad crowd: Crowd seemed to be intrigued with Andrew’s dancing and the way he sings (which was great, very cool and unique) Everyone joined in by clapping when we were prompted to. Number of times seen band: 1 Crowd participation: I spoke to the band and they said that the crowd was absolutely fantastic. It was such a sight to see everyone having a blast as well as singing along to their music, which obviously made the band feel extremely happy as they had massive smiles across their faces for the rest of the night. It seemed like everyone LOVED their stage presence, their sound and performance. Genre: Indie/ Punk/ Rock Rating: 8/10 guitars My review: Songs sound pretty dope, really unique voices The drummer goes hard, he was having so much fun Light show was perfect for the whole night, overall looked great!! Set List: Rich Suddenly (video I took) Reciprocation Evil Eyes Beaches Smooth Sailing Summary: A. Swayze and the Ghost is a punk/garage band from Hobart, Tasmania, with a live show that is at all times raw, energetic and enigmatic. In the past 12 months they’ve performed at Falls Festival, MONA Faux [...]

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