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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

Song Review: Hazardous by The Como Brothers @ComoBrosBand

Song Review: Hazardous from the album "Jam Theory" Songwriters: Matthew J. Como, Andrew P. Como Review by: Walter and Darlene Hargrave A song’s introduction can be so unique as to be identifiable in the first few notes.  A song that induces vivid imaginings is a form of magical musical art.  “Hazardous” is a serious composition that must have taken a lot of effort and should be appreciated for that alone.   It’s tenderly sung in sweet opposition to the explosions being described in and about the relationship, as if that mitigates the damage caused to at least one of the two star-crossed lovers before they broke up.  I would describe this song as belonging in the alternative-techno-pop genre, while remaining uniquely Como Bros. The introduction, a techno beat, transmits a pulse loud then fading.  I imagine it as an agent acting like a beacon to recall a distant memory that still has the power to accelerate the heart.  The compressed, yet descriptive writing method used to explain why the relationship had to end is cleverly done.  I now refer to “Hazardous” as “Hazard, us” (Artist’s intention?).  Our crooner is cruising down memory lane and wishing things could have been different.  I feel like I missed a bullet. We chose Hazardous for a couple of reasons but the main one was that it had not received a review yet.  We're looking forward to review one of their latest tracks coming soon! [...]

Song Review: Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Jamie Alimorad @JamieAlimorad

Music Review: Not Ready To Say Goodbye by Jamie Alimorad off the upcoming album 'This Is Tomorrow Calling'! Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave Song is written by Jamie Alimorad, Gino Vannelli, and Ross Vannelli, produced by Ross Vannelli.   Darlene: A relatable romantic lament; easy to listen to, easy to sing and dance.  The occasional waft of Spanish guitar in this pop song feels unique and enhances the passion of a man protecting his investment in a romantic relationship.  The song title is suggestive enough to know somebody’s ready to break it off.  The lyrics left the impression a break-up is imminent.  He’s in it for the long haul, “Not Ready To Say Goodbye,” appealing to his mate, but there’s no clue in the song of succession or failure.  Jamie’s voice in this song has a teasing taste of George Michaels’ without the fluff and filler “whoa, whoa; yeah, yeah” found in many pop song lyrics.  The phrase “long haul” appeals to my southern roots, and many other people’s roots, as I found out.  It’s an often-used phrase for being determined to follow through on one’s commitments.  I thought “long haul” was a “southern” reference {A US civil war era reference for those who are unfamiliar with southern rock} or that it originated with truck drivers.  I didn’t want to imply that the “south” owns “long haul”, so I looked it up.  It’s a phrase developed in the 1800’s.  Yeah, I looked it up.  Didn’t [...]

Song Review: Repair the Breach by WHY @WHY_music

  Today we are here to review WHY’s song, “Repair the Breach” Review by Walter and Darlene Hargrave – Indie Music Bus   WHY is one of the bands who have been with Indie Music Bus since the very beginning. We are glad they are still at it! The band may have changed some players but they still sound like WHY!   Darlene: “Repair the Breach” appears to be an interpretation of the Book of Ezekiel.  You look it up.  The passage refers to defiance and rebellion.  Repair the breach by fixing humanity, starting with one’s self.  Pay attention to the prophet or be doomed!  People don’t change, apparently.  Hate, war, and violence are still a societal reality of modern human civilization.  There is no cure unfortunately, but we must keep trying (“Get up on your feet!”).  If Walt had not looked up “Son of Man, Son of Woman” we wouldn’t have found the Ezekiel passage which provided us with a deeper understanding of this song. On their own, the lyrics are straight-forward, and engenders discussions of modern-day life and I feel the angst of a prophet , his advice ignored.  Lead singer, Brian Cook, provides the emotional support for the hopeless prophet’s angst.  The driving beat instills urgency. I hear shades of U2 in WHY’s style and lyrical content.   Walter: Jeremy Dell (Guitar), Eric Nordquist (bass) & Brian Cook (lead vocals) start it off. The rhythm guitar, bass lines and vocal are [...]

Song Review of On the Road by Celestial Blue Music

This is a Song Review of On the Road by Celestial Blue Music Review by Walter and Darlene Hargrave "Celestial Blue Music is the solo project of Kari J., a New Mexico native collaborating internationally to create electronic-folkrock fusion based in organic concepts of empowered evolution, conscious liberty, synergy with nature, and psychoacoustic optimism." Wallyview: I feel that, On the Road is a feel-good traveling song. It’s about a person who can’t let the grass grow under their feet! Travelling towards the horizon and making long lasting memories along the way. Maybe the grass is greener, maybe it isn’t but, it’s the journey that matters. As you travel and see new things it lifts one's spirits. Discovery is the goal and the unique beauty is the reward. Taking all that in triggers strong emotions. It speaks of travelling with friends and how it makes the trip even better.  I think, I too want in on a journey like this because I know there is so much more to see! Thanks for reminding me of that!   Darview: I like “On the Road” because its jaunty rhythm makes me want to skip or walk fast, as if I had no place to be, all the time in the world, and I can’t wait.  That I’m going to break free and see what’s over the next horizon.  I like the key and harmony because it’s uplifting and easy to sing.  As a native Floridian, mountains are vacation [...]

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Song Review Down with the Devil – Taming Sari

Today this Song Review: Down with the Devil by Taming Sari Review by: Walter and Darlene Hargrave "Taming Sari is a 5 piece Ottawa based band. Driven by a passion to breathe new life into the genre known as Rock and Roll." @taming_sariband   I want to say up front that Taming Sari has succeeded in breathing new life to Rock and Roll!  I hear influences of Rush, Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, and more.  Taming Sari's rich sound, mature lyrics and passionate vocal content combined, makes their song, "Down with the Devil," instantly likable and radio friendly. As mature adults, my wife and I could certainly relate to the lyrics, which is about a long-time relationship gone wrong. The story could be about a long-lasting love affair where mistakes were made early (“breaking all the rules”), it is too late to save the relationship and neither want to. Bring on the pain. The couple confront one another and get “down with the devil and out with the lies.”  As a teen from the ‘70’s, I say “Taming Sari” has the retro sound that manages to encompass both the past and present, simultaneously. There is nothing not to like about the song if you're a Rock and Roll fan! Check out the great video below! Video Credits Video Directed by : Dominic Llanos - K Productions Song Produced by: Ross Hayes Citrullo - RHC Music Mastered by : João Carvalho Mastering Music Video by [...]

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Chris Bennett: “Something Wonderful”

The vibrant and vivacious Grammy nominee, singer, songwriter, producer, dancer, and so much more, Chris Bennett, has released her 12th album entitled "Something Wonderful". Accompanied on the piano by Bill Marx, (son of Hollywood royalty, Harpo Marx of the Marx Brothers), "Something Wonderful", is a kaleidoscope of timeless songs from the “Great American Songbook”, executed in a compelling and sophisticated explosion of brilliance. Beginning her career as a vocalist and dancer in Las Vegas and on TV with Dean Martin and Jim Nabors, Chris Bennett found her way to Munich Germany where she met four time Grammy winner Giorgio Moroder, producer of Donna Summer, and was asked to join Munich Machine, an up and coming disco group as lead vocalist for “Munich Machine, Introducing Chris Bennett”, which contained the dance version of Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale". The glamorous singer was then asked to pose for cover art which created an international sensation, and the album sky rocketed to the top of the Dance Charts. Chris performed with some of the planet's top artists in the history of music, including: Donna Summer, Johnny Mathis, Keb’ Mo, and Leon Ware, and she also composed songs for Tina Turner, The Manhattan Transfer and The Three Degrees. Chris wrote and sang the theme song for "Midnight Express", the mind blowing 1978 film, about an American, Bill Hayes caught by Turkish police for smuggling hash out of Istanbul. Her composition earned her a Grammy nomination, along with Giorgio [...]

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