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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by quest and official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate and shares or purchases you can muster! We are only reviewing music we really love and believe others will too so dig in. Comment if you feel so inclined to do so!

Act of the Month Samantha Preis Interview @SamanthaPreis

By Candice Anne Marshall IMB - Hello Samantha! Congratulations on becoming the Act Of The Month with Indie Music Bus! Where were you when you first heard about this and what was your reaction?   Hi, Candice! Someone from your team informed me on Twitter 🙂 I’m flattered. Thanks a lot for choosing me!   IMB - I am in love with the ethereal song ‘Spaceship’ that was released in September 2019. I have read in your bio that you often write lyrics that relate to your travel experiences and ‘touches upon consciousness, morality, and the human condition.’ Can you go a little more in the the travel aspect of your songwriting?   Thank you. I travel a lot as it gives me inspiration for my music. Traveling has shown me that there are many beautiful ways one can live in this world and that there’s no one recipe for happiness. It has also exposed me to other more painful sides of life and of humanity. I feel very lucky to travel like I do. Pushing myself outside my comfort zone has led me to unexpected and beautiful places and has been a constant inspiration to me through the years.   IMB - As for you writing lyrics that ‘touch upon consciousness, morality, and the human condition’, can you go more into detail on what that means to you in relation to how your fans interpret your music?   I’m not sure how my fans [...]

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Music Review: I Can Feel It by The National Parks @TheNatlParks

Walter Here! I remember the first time hearing The National Parks. I believe it was "As We Ran" that Spotify had suggested. After I listened to it, I had to hear more and ended up spending the day listening to all their songs on repeat! Shortly after that I bought, The National Parks - Young CD and a shirt! We hope to catch you guys on tour during your next visit to Florida! We will be watching our Bandsintown notifications and your emails! Keep doing what you do best! Please visit and buy stuff from The National Parks Store! Music Review Greeting from Florida! Darlene here, listening to the national touring “The National Parks” “Young” (2013) is the EP where I first heard (TNP) perform “Anchor and Wind,” now being a favorite of mine and their half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. I liked all the songs on “Until I Live” (2015), but “Monsters of the North” featuring a throbbing French Horn in the first notes, is my top pick and I can’t resist “howling at the great white moon” along with the band. I enjoy the folk songs with the faster rhythms, American jigs, which feature banjo and fiddle/viola and are meant to be danced to, energetically. Using nature to illustrate life, love, joy and sadness is a commonality TNP embraces through-out their songs. Their latest, “I Can Feel It” (2019), best exemplifies the nature of the TNP sound. My [...]

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Music Review: A Decade In by Letters of Transit @LOT_Band

Walter here! During a visit to Facebook I received a notification from the Official Indie Music Bus Facebook group. It was a new music preview opportunity from Letters of Transit! They sent me the song "A Decade In". I gave it a quick listen and was immediately impressed! Letter of Transit - Theme and Variation with be available everywhere on August 29, 2019! Music Review Letters of Transit “A Decade In” from “Theme and Variation” Dear readers, Darlene here, to remind you not to judge a book by its cover.  “A Decade In,” is the latest song title by “Letters of Transit” and I urge you to steam open this envelope and listen, because, truly, a lot of energy will unfold.  I felt this song has an alternative-rock sound with a touch of grunge and a pinch of punk.  Love that bass guitar and bass drum together.   Lead guitars and vocals, un huh, like sunshine and pain.  The best way to describe this band is to imagine the entire genre of ALT+ Any Rock+Grunge as one style.  I didn’t notice a “punk” influence, but Walt said it’s there.  It’s technical.   Now imagine “Letters of Transit” on the air play list any time in the last decade. I could seriously believe it. The first song I’ve ever heard by “Letter of Transit” is released, August 2019, titled “A Decade In.”  Walter has a preview of the release, so I heard the song before [...]

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Music Review: Stay by Ships Have Sailed @shipshavesailed

Ships Have Sailed always seem to keep showing up on our radar. Winning awards, contests, being added to radio rotations and getting lots of positive reaction from fans. And because of this, we've decided it's time for a music review! During a recent Music Monday music sharing session for Ships Have Sailed, we featured 'Stay' and our engine chose to share interesting facts about the song. This information comes from the Spotify API and is available for all tracks. Interesting facts about 'Stay' The Tempo is approx: 108.013 Approx Key: G (also Fdouble sharp, Adouble flat) SOL Time Signature: 4 Has Good energy, Probably Danceable Music Review Photo credit: Gentle Giant Digital Darlene here, reviewing a song by another amazing award-winning band, “Ships Have Sailed.” Their latest song, “Stay,” makes me feel warm and fuzzy. It’s like a poignant one-sided romance love song. He, she, you if you’re singing this song, somebody is patiently waiting for their love interest to realize just how much they are loved. This will take time, but hope floats. The story to this song is all in my imagination. When I hear “Stay” and close my eyes, I see a tableau of an unrequited lover in a movie scene. There’s a crowd of people talking and dancing at a party while this song plays instead of a script. Sharing her with the crowd and her friends with such puppy dog devotion is the stuff of [...]

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Music Review: Living Your Life Like This by Major Moment @majormomentband

photo by Anna Madsen Photography Darlene here, sharing my first impression of “Major Moment” and their latest song, “Living Your Life Like This.”  My first impression formed when Walt played samples of their music from their latest EP, “Sequel.”  My first reaction is, “Where have they been, under a rock?”  Ah, they are new.  Wow.  This 3 person band from Boston formed in 2017.  Their song, “May Leave Scars,” on their follow up EP, “Sequel” released in 2019, is listed as a Semi-Finalist for the 2018 International Songwriting Competition.  I won’t waste the reader’s time talking about what is readily available from their bio.  The “Major Moment” band offers quality sound and dedicated to promoting good will through music.  And, in turn, saving Rock n Roll.  I’m all in. I have repeatedly written that one of my favorite subjects is about time.  It is certainly time for this band to break out.  The “Major Moment” name is an indicative of time and their logo reminds me of my favorite theory of time being circular and endless, like the snake swallowing its tail.  The inverted “M” in the “Major Moment” logo forms such a circle, but this circle bends.  Time is neither straight line nor perfect circle.  The frame made by the joined “M” forms an hourglass turned on its side.  The sands of time, suspended. That must mean the major moment is NOW! And, it will always be now, but now is [...]

Music Review: Settin’ Myself on Fire by Christina Taylor @ChristinaTMusic

Walter here, and I want to start off with a little story. Me and my wife have been listening to Christina Taylor's music for a few years now. In May of 2018, we had the opportunity to attend the Key West Songwriters Festival and saw Christina perform in an intimate and romantic musical environment. It was on an awesome sailboat at sunset just after a storm. There were about 25+ people aboard. Some of Christina's family were there and an entourage of musicians and songwriters and some very lucky fans. They performed for us while we enjoyed the ride and the amazing scenery! After the performances, there were complementary finger foods and drinks being served from the galley below. Fans and artists, we all hung out and chatted on the ride back. Everyone was so down to earth and friendly. My wife and I will never forget that trip. We hope to do it all again someday! Thank you Christina, family and friends for those unforgettable memories. Music Review: Settin' Myself on Fire Darlene, here!  I like Christina Taylor’s music for a lot of reasons. Music was only available to me through radio before I was employed, and the only time I got to hear it was in the car. Scrolling the radio bands back then, it seems to me publicly played music in Florida was 50% country sound. It still is. The rest of the musical genres either share the remaining spectrum or [...]

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