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Indie Music By The National Parks

The National Parks – Photo Credit: Justin Hackworth

For indie music fans or everyone who loves independent music! Here you will find music reviews and other music related topics written by guest and our official bloggers. Thanks for taking the time to read these reviews! Artists will appreciate the shares or purchases you can muster!  You will find reviews of music we really love and believe others will too, so dig in.

Dark Matter Brings Bright Future for CARBONSTONE

Hello everyone! Today we present Carbonstone as our next interview focus! Thanks to everyone who has voted for them on our Top 25 Indie Music Chart! Baltimore, Maryland, the locals call it B'more, the city with the largest population in Maryland and the place where our beloved “The Star Spangled Banner” was born. It is also interesting to note that Baltimore is independent much like our focus on the act Carbonstone and is home to the oldest railroad in the US! Corey James, a veteran of the music industry and founder of the band, Carbonstone, held the stone of carbon in his hands. They were all over the radio, rockin’ the local Baltimore and other scenes, their music was kept alive. He can tell you the life of an artist is less than bohemian, but his creative energy gives him an incredible ambition to continue in his pursuit of happiness. Suddenly the Carbonstone Band fell into a slumbering silence.  Yet a glimmer of hope never died, being kept alive by one man. That man is Corey James.  Over time, he became aware of riffs in his dreams.  He passed through the riffs, soul searching. Everyone thought it was all over, but the dream that wouldn’t die led him to a new arrangement and configuration for the stone of carbon.  A new facet was chiseled from new members and added to the stone, shaping it anew.  The additional facets enhanced an already amazing ensemble. Together, they [...]

Finding Jackson: An Interview with Sophie Feldman

Indie Music Bus receives emails from so many sources every day but this one caught our eye! This is an interesting story to us because it began with an email we received from a music industry student at the University of Southern California. It is for an assignment with another student in the same school who is a Popular Music major. The PR student, Joselle Vega, had to land two interviews for the artist, Sophie Feldman (JACKSON), and have them published before a deadline. We felt this was a unique opportunity for all involved and accepted. We hope to see more from both students after graduation and also from other students in the future! Darlene: It was towards the end of hurricane season. Walter was listening to “If We Were Rain”, written and performed by Sophie Feldman.  He unexpectedly slipped his headphones over my ears. He only does that when he finds someone new and exciting. I was so impressed I sang the first bit and hummed the rest to my no-tech-know mom, who is harder to impress, and she loved it though it came from me.  You just have to love the moms and just imagine how many people just Sophie can reach. Some people don’t have to shout to be heard. Sophie has a video accompaniment to “If We Were Rain” where the team did an excellent job to showcase Sophie’s talent of voice and guitar. The reader should know that Indie Music [...]

Taking Stock by Alex Storer (AKA The Light Dreams)

Taking Stock   Any independent musician will tell you how easy it is to lose confidence in your work and the industry, especially when it comes to the indie scene. Over the last decade, the marketplace has become saturated with artists in every genre imaginable, with everyone vying for attention. Those of us who were already selling music online before streaming became so popular, may have also seen a clear decline in download sales on sites like Bandcamp or CDBaby as the world has taken to music “on tap” thanks to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, etc. We’ve seen music become devalued in recent times – it feels like a commodity more than ever before, with tracks churned out as if to feed a great monstrous mouth. Add to that the infuriating term of music being “dropped”. In the past, being dropped was one of the worst things that could happen to an artist! When you’ve spent months or years crafting your art, you want it handled with care. Of course, that’s just the buzz word of the moment, but to me, this epitomizes the way things have gone. Fast, cheap and disposable. In short, it’s getting increasingly harder to both get heard and profit from making music, particularly if like me, you’re just a studio artist. It’s these moments of doubt where you wonder why you bother. Have you found your music on sites as a free download you never authorized? Comment [...]

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Passion Aggressive by Dana Burtin (LyricalGenes)

Dana Burtin is an author, poet, athlete (who is currently training for the Olympics), a signed model and actor, and award-winning musician performing under the moniker "LyricalGenes". At a young age, LyricalGenes (Dana Burtin) was always told that he could be anything in the world that he puts his mind to. He truly believes that statement and used that saying as a reminder to be his own independent person. Growing up, he has experienced many obstacles when it comes to relationships, finding his purpose in life, and emotional hurdles. Music has always been something Dana Burtin could rely on. Whenever he felt a certain way, he would always fall back to music. Furthermore, Dana Burtin was often seen as an "outsider". Dana felt that he was looked upon as "different" because he was an introvert, at times isolating himself. However, as he grew older, it was always a challenge to express himself to others. Therefore, expressing himself in a talkative manner was difficult for him, so his mother encouraged him to write his emotions in a notebook. This was his introduction to music! Over a span of about two years of constantly writing in journals, Dana felt what he was writing would relate to other people. At that moment he decided to create something that was long overdue, MUSIC! With practice, Dana Burtin began to put words together like puzzles and express himself in ways he didn't think possible. As he built his confidence through [...]

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When you see Sky Diving Penguins’ Bio, what do you think? @SDPenguinsmusic

Sky Diving Penguins This is a genuine question. Our Twitter Bio states, "Sky Diving Penguins are an alternative band from Tbilisi, Georgia". Our Bandcamp page reveals, "From Tblisi, Georgia, Sky Diving Penguins forge a sound that takes in The Beatles, Nirvana, Beck & Elliott Smith amongst others". Where we come from matters to us, and probably, to you. Put it this way, when you think of Georgia, the country, I bet that you think of one of our delicious national breads, like this Khachapuri Acharuli. No? No. That is understandable. Like our cuisine, you know little about our music. But trust me. The music we make is every bit as mouthwateringly beautiful and unctuous as that doughy piece of heaven. One problem with our Bio, we think, is that you might think adversely of our music simply because of where we come from. Consequently, you will avoid listening to us. We can see how you might think that. So, how do we get past the preconceived notions of what a band from Tbilisi, Georgia might sound like? Context is everything. Although we grew up in the Soviet Union, we managed to get hold of copies of The Beatles albums...shhhh, don't tell anyone. The Beatles had an enormous impact upon Sky Diving Penguins, as well as other Georgian artists like Nash Albert, to the extent that we only really feel comfortable writing and singing in English. We cannot imagine (sorry, John) writing in Georgian. That is not to disparage [...]

April Rose Gabrielli “Adding to the Sparkle”

Life can be sweet and it is our right to relish every moment....which I did along with a barrage of fans who were fortunate enough to tune into a live preview of songs to be released by rising superstar April Rose Gabrielli. via gramrphone ARG was able to share her never before released magic as well as some hopefuls for her follow-up to “Do You?” which is climbing the charts daily and has already hit #36 on the Adult Contemporary chart. Although many of her songs are inspired by her soul of the past, all of her music takes on a life of its own. Sometimes the route to Joy is indirect, a journey not quite as we expected. There is no magic starter guide or steps, no ancient prophecy to predict our way. However, ARG is a modern-day musical visionary, and the arrival of a new song from her eclipses everything. The world shifts around us and we shape ourselves to fit, imperfect and beautiful, wounded and thriving, delicate, and vulnerable but forever moving on, as is the inspiration of her music. Her songs are not merely an adventure but the substance of dreams. April Rose Gabrielli has already had an astounding year. Signed exclusively to BMG and Soho Records she has already had one of her songs “Tameless” chosen out of 100’s for the theme song of the movie “Not the Science Type” which was premiered at the Tribeca film Festival. After only [...]

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