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Indie Music By The National Parks

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D.K. Lyons Brings Meaning To Pop Music With Latest Single/Video

If you’re anything like me then you can easily get tired of pop music that lacks any sort of deeper meaning. Of course, music should be a place we can escape and run away from our thoughts, but sometimes we need to face them head on in order to move forward. Brooklyn’s own, D.K. Lyons is here to prove that pop music can still have emphatic meaning behind it. Since the beginning of this year D.K. has been hard at work trying to showcase the years of hard work he’s put in behind the scenes. June 26th saw the release of D.K.’s debut full-length album titled The Past (Romanticized). A love letter to the past penned by Lyons himself, this debut release tackled heartache, loss, and transformational life changes through a rose colored lens. Packed with emotion and talent, The Past (Romanticized) left us eager to see what else was in store for D.K. Earlier this month, D.K. dropped a music video for “Sleep With The Lights On” off of The Past (Romanticized). The music video tells a tale of youthful effervescence, showing beautiful people laughing and drinking together at a party, but the song itself shows a much deeper story than that.  The party fuels on around him, but a neon light shining “Bad Habits” reminds us that our vices are never really that far away. Among all the people and laughter, there can be a profound sense of loneliness as we recognize [...]

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Meresha – an Interview with the Alien Pop Queen @Mereshas

The artist “Meresha”, born in the land and time of “The Witcher” 1990’s book series, magically creates alien landscapes in music by warping old and new.  “Allmusic” describes her tunes as bringing “old style into contemporary production” and “forward thinking.”  The Aquarian was born after the birth of dance, and grew up under the rising cusp of the electronic dance music as a legitimate genre.  Once it was a sound heard only by underground rave goers, EDM can thank the likes of Donna Summers for its recording origins in the 1980’s and the rise of DJ club entertainers. Popular in Europe, spurned in the US, it is due to artists like Meresha and those that have come before her that allows EDM’s continuous survival some 20 years later.  Meresha has successfully transformed a mix of rock, jazz, reggae, swing, pop, and EDM into her Alien Pop.  As a young student, she arrived on the shores of Florida at a young age in 2011, a rising performer.  A self-proclaimed “alien luver,” Meresha is determined, rising star, following her childhood dream.  a multi-instrument musician and producing her own works.  All this talent combined is a rare find in an ocean filled with similar artists who are also trying to find their place in the entertainment industry. Meresha is floating above the other artists using her natural ability in combination with her beloved “Moog”.  She has a degree in music production and uses it to best effect.  She [...]

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Yard of Blondes to Feed the Moon

As America celebrates its Independence Day by choosing to stay home, Indie Music Bus Interviews Yard of Blondes, featuring the French duet Vincent Jacob and Fanny Hill, formerly of France, a country famous for its own fight for independence.  True to their fighting spirit, they are champions of sound and lyrics.   Arriving in Venice, CA in 2010, the pair met and discovered they dream the same dream.  They traded in their shoes for a pair of boots planted firmly in LA.  After wetting their whistle at the “Whiskey A Go Go,” and the Sunset Strip, they rode a rocket straight to the top, they made it look easy. They work hard to live their dream.  In a mere 10 years of living in the U.S., the duo formed a few musical groups to showcase their variety; formed partnerships with some of the greatest legends in the music industry; earned their college degrees; taught music and language to students;  began their own record label; got signed by independent labels, Die Laughing Records; all of which culminated in a merge with Golden Robot Entertainment.  Way to go! The sky’s the limit, and their growing audience will carry them along as they ride with us on the Indie Music Bus. credit Garret Stone Fannie and Vincent run the "Secret Pole Dance Music" agency, Located in Los Angeles, CA, an independent label, PR service, and more. Vincent and Fanny were established artists prior to relocating to America.  [...]

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D.K. Lyons’ New Album Is A Love Letter To The Past

by Kelsey Radomski at Indie Band Guru Brooklyn-based songwriter D.K. Lyons adds his new album, The Past (Romanticized), to the list of new music releasing this season. Out June 26, the album contains 12 tracks that capture the carefree spirit of summer. Although The Past (Romanticized) is his first full-length album, D.K. Lyons is no novice to the world of music. In a recent press release, he confided, “When I was 5 years old I wanted to be a rock star. Haven’t been able to stop writing songs since then.” As proof, many of the trailers for the album feature footage from his own home movies. Tiny D.K. is pictured tottering around, guitar in hand in many of the clips, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia. Heavily influenced by his late father’s love of Tom Petty, D.K. Lyons used this connection to fuel the creation of music that reflects the spirit of home. His songs transport listeners back to the summer where they met their first love, the pain of constant change and growing up, and the buoyant nature of youth. Much of the album’s sound can be attributed to D.K. Lyons’ diverse taste in music. The artist incorporates rock, synth-pop, bluegrass, country, and even pop punk in The Past (Romanticized). He explains he draws inspiration from role models like Third Eye Blind, Goo Goo Dolls and The 1975. This is evident in tracks using what can be described as a “vintage” guitar sound, [...]

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JHARIAH🌹 Animator, Musician, Architect of Amazing

In this interview with JHARIAH🌹 @JhariahClare, we will dig a little into his career and talk about his latest EP To Mend the Sun. I was going to write more here but the interview is informative and entertaining enough! I will say I believe Jhariah Clare will have a long and fruitful career in music and the arts. Did the music or animation come first and when did it click for you to combine them into the perfect way of introducing your latest EP? In other words where you an animator or a musician first? Jhariah self portrait It’s a bit complicated but to put it simply I think the seeds were planted for me to be an animator from the very start. I’ve wanted a career doing art for a living since I was 5 years old. As a kid, I really wanted to draw Manga and graphic novels as a career. In high school, I started freelancing to make some money and realized I really loved commercial illustration as well, so I figured with those two skill sets, the plan would naturally be to go to art school, keep freelancing, and then go on have a career in illustration. Whenever I’d envision it, it felt attainable and even exciting to some extent, but something about it just didn’t feel ambitious enough. I think my parents still wince at the idea that “Freelance illustrator with a variable income” wasn’t a hard enough [...]

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“Solitaire” is in the cards for The Other Realm

My building had its first social distancing party this weekend, six feet apart in the large back yard. Guess who was the first person to get tired and go inside? Yes, I relate intensely to The Other Realm’s new single “Solitaire,” especially its stop-motion video. Enter the Other Realm The Other Realm is the alternative pop/rock project of brothers Kenny and Billie Ward. Quarantine finds them hunkered down in North Haven, Connecticut, where the constraints of confinement gave them the time to truly focus on the video project. “I’m really happy to be locked up,” Kenny says, and it’s impossible to tell if he’s kidding. Both brothers are serious about how a break from routine allowed them to concentrate on visual creativity. Creativity in general isn’t a problem for the duo. Their songs take a humorous, sometimes scathing, look at current ideas, including climate change. If your life includes quoting Patent Pending lyrics, you’ll find another soul mate in The Other Realm. Introversion Is in the Cards “Solitaire” goes right for the gut--and the funny bone--on how introverts experience parties. It turns out Kenny, the duo’s primary lyricist, is writing from experience. Has he also done the introvert thing of spending an entire party communing with the host’s pet? Yes, he has. “At a party of 60 or 70 musicians, I spent the whole night with a pair of golden retrievers,” he recounts. Playing cards come to life through stop motion. They turn out to [...]

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