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After many long hours and late nights turning into early mornings, our Music Voter is now in Beta! The Indie Music Bus™ Engine is hard at work registering each Artist and Track as they play on the radio. People can Vote The Track Up with links generated on the tweets. The data collected by our API orders our Top 25 Indie Music Chart. We consider interactions like radio listens, track votes and social media activity by people. Lot’s of the development went into insuring the votes coming in are valid and not from bots. People can vote up the music they like once every 24 hours.

Please help us test the voting system! Once the system goes live, the stats are reset. Watch for the vote links on our radio tweets and thank you for the help. Once we leave the beta phase, the vote links will switch to a shorter, soarviral.com, and the weekly music charts will become available.

11/29/2021 Track spins and listens have been added to the data collection and are updated once every 24 hours.

11/30/2021 The rest of the week we are building our Indie Music Chart Page where we will feature the results from fans votes, radio spins and listeners during our beta testing! 25 Indie acts will appear on the chart, will you be one of them? Get those listens and votes in soon!

11/30/2021 Slowly adding Social URLS to artist profiles.  Social Icons will appear as we add them. Also added a surprise or two that show up on the voter pages when earned!

12/01/2021 Today we published an update to the Music Voter to include an Artist Search.

12/03/2021 Today we activated the shorter URL at SoarViral.com

12/04/2021 Modified page titles to include artist names a song titles. Added Twitter Share Buttons.

There are plans to do so much more but we are not yet ready to release that info just yet.


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