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Walter here, and I want to start off with a little story. Me and my wife have been listening to Christina Taylor’s music for a few years now. In May of 2018, we had the opportunity to attend the Key West Songwriters Festival and saw Christina perform in an intimate and romantic musical environment. It was on an awesome sailboat at sunset just after a storm. There were about 25+ people aboard. Some of Christina’s family were there and an entourage of musicians and songwriters and some very lucky fans. They performed for us while we enjoyed the ride and the amazing scenery! After the performances, there were complementary finger foods and drinks being served from the galley below. Fans and artists, we all hung out and chatted on the ride back. Everyone was so down to earth and friendly. My wife and I will never forget that trip. We hope to do it all again someday! Thank you Christina, family and friends for those unforgettable memories.

Music Review: Settin' Myself on Fire

Music Review: Settin’ Myself on Fire

Darlene, here!  I like Christina Taylor’s music for a lot of reasons. Music was only available to me through radio before I was employed, and the only time I got to hear it was in the car. Scrolling the radio bands back then, it seems to me publicly played music in Florida was 50% country sound. It still is. The rest of the musical genres either share the remaining spectrum or can be found only on XM Radio or by streaming. New genres have been added to the list throughout my lifetime and they’ve also blended together, like Country Pop and Southern Rock. Country music has remained as persistent and expansive as rock. I love most, if not all, Florida born radio played musicians. I don’t know why I feel such pride because we don’t actually know one another. I did take the opportunity to see Christina Taylor singing live, just last year May 2018. She has a new song out this May 2019. Walter and I are giving it a listen and re-listening to her other tracks. For any fan of good music, if you’re not familiar with her playlist, Christina’s music is a little bit country, a whole lot of modern. I just love Christina Taylor’s voice and what she’s singin’ bout. She was born here in Florida and moved to North Carolina, which may be why her voice has a light southern upbeat quality with no twang, whine or cowbell. Riding in a car with my family back in the internet deprived era, on a trip to North Carolina, I found only country music on the radio, and it didn’t sound anything like it does now.

Christina writes song about being stuck in unhappy relationships. Times change, people don’t. Anybody who listens to her songs could relate to the wisdom in recognizing when enough is enough, as I interpret it. She’s too young to be so wise, like how could she possibly know these things yet. It doesn’t matter to me. Her voice is so friendly and lively. Even though we’re generations apart, I get the message her songs portray and wish I could go back and apply the lesson. I’m just as happy to recommend a listen. Listen to her new song, “Settin’ Myself On Fire,” and stop setting yourself on fire.  When the time is right for letting go of a love gone cold, its ok to let go. Sometimes loving somebody means wishing them happiness with somebody more suitable. We can all take some friendly advice from Christina Taylor. Listen to her songs, pick yourself up and get on with living.

Living in America grants its citizens equal and unalienable rights to certain freedoms, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s amazing that there are people who choose to be unhappy by tying their self to an unequal romantic relationship. Guilt, obligations, insolvency, and the lack of opportunity are some reasonable explanations for being a familial martyr. Such necessary selfless ness should be limited to family and extremely close relationships, not casual friendships. If a person voluntarily stays with somebody in a romantic relationship when the other person doesn’t feel the same way, they shouldn’t whine. Cowboys don’t whine, they write songs about it. Paul Simon, who is not a cowboy, sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” long before he wrote “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover.” If Paul’s lyrical characters had the opportunity to listen to Christina, perhaps they would have recognized the warning signs. Some people are just wrong for one another. A good friend would say so.

Settin’ Myself On Fire

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Christina Taylor

Christina Taylor

Florida born, Carolina raised country artist/songwriter Christina Taylor has always followed the road less traveled and is now living her dream in Nashville Tn.  Influenced by such country greats as Miranda Lambert and Eric Church, it has always been the artists who are the most raw and unapologetically real that have inspired her to pick up the guitar and put pen to paper. Anyone witnessing a performance by this dynamic powerhouse singer will be stopped in their tracks and is certain to never forget her…

Christina was recently selected as CMT Discovery Artist and her singles “Loser”, “American Dreamin’”, “Don’t Look Good In Your T-Shirt Anymore” and “That Girl” can be heard on Radio Disney Country as well as multiple Spotify & Apple Music playlists where she has racked up over 2 million streams. She was also named 2018 artist to watch by,,,,,,,

With the successful EP “That Girl” under her belt, Christina is preparing a new EP for 2019, featuring the recently released singles “Settin’ Myself On Fire” & “Loser”. These new tracks have hit country music like a bombshell and are already receiving rave reviews and regular airplay on Radio Disney Country and many other streaming platforms.

Christina has opened for or shared the stage with Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flats, PitBull, LoCash and Scottie McCreery to name a few. She can be seen performing live at many great venues in Nashville including the The Listening Room, The Bluebird Cafe, The Wildhorse Saloon, The Sutler Saloon and the Analog at the Hutton.

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