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Darlene here, sharing my first impression of “Major Moment” and their latest song, “Living Your Life Like This.”  My first impression formed when Walt played samples of their music from their latest EP, “Sequel.”  My first reaction is, “Where have they been, under a rock?”  Ah, they are new.  Wow.  This 3 person band from Boston formed in 2017.  Their song, “May Leave Scars,” on their follow up EP, “Sequel” released in 2019, is listed as a Semi-Finalist for the 2018 International Songwriting Competition.  I won’t waste the reader’s time talking about what is readily available from their bio.  The “Major Moment” band offers quality sound and dedicated to promoting good will through music.  And, in turn, saving Rock n Roll.  I’m all in.

I have repeatedly written that one of my favorite subjects is about time.  It is certainly time for this band to break out.  The “Major Moment” name is an indicative of time and their logo reminds me of my favorite theory of time being circular and endless, like the snake swallowing its tail.  The inverted “M” in the “Major Moment” logo forms such a circle, but this circle bends.  Time is neither straight line nor perfect circle.  The frame made by the joined “M” forms an hourglass turned on its side.  The sands of time, suspended. That must mean the major moment is NOW! And, it will always be now, but now is not forever.  It renews each and every moment.

The Sequel

The Sequel

Major Moment” isn’t wasting time or energy right now, either. Their latest song, “Living Your Life Like This” fits them like a glove.  It reflects the band’s name, logo and their creed.  It has the instrumental depth of the “Du Hast” by “Rammstein” song, but the female vocals and orchestral instrumental contribution lightens up the production, like sunshine through darkness.   The lyrics are relevant to time, and how it’s spent.  Sorry, people, keep singin’ and dreamin’ because something major will have to change in our society before the current cycle ends and a new moment begins.  We are all doomed to eat, sleep, work, and repeat, until we are replaced by robots.  Then I’ll have more time for music. And so I went to the beginning and listened to all their songs.  All good.  Repeat. Ride this wave, with them.  Listen to their award-winning music on their debut album “One Small Step,” and the follow up “Sequel.

Walter here, and I have been listening to Major Moment for awhile now. I remember thinking to myself, “I should give this act some extra exposure soon.” The other day we received a submission from them and figured that was the perfect time to go forward with this review. The songwriting is of hit quality through and through. Their website displays 9 or more awards, they deserve them all. We believe they will continue to move up the ladder! And soon be on radio all over!

Listen to Major Moment

Official Major Moment Bio

Spearheaded by two Russian-born vocalists, Boston-based band Major Moment has come from distant parts of the world to form a true modern alternative rock band.

Major Moment has quickly developed a diverse and kinetic sound that integrates heavy guitar riffs, multi-layered synths, and melodic vocal blends. With their 2018 debut EP, one small stEP, the band got nominated for Independent Music Awards in “Best Production – Rock” (the only rock record nominated) and “Best Lyric Video”; for Hollywood Music In Media Awards in “Best Rock”; as well as “Best CD Artist” and “Best Rock Act” at the Worcester Music Awards.

In addition to “one small stEP” that was dedicated to the late Chester Bennington, Major Moment created an emotional tribute, “Leave Out All The Rest”. The distinguished music video for this song was released as a standalone asset to support the mission of a suicide prevention campaign, 320 Changes Direction. The video was produced by the Grammy-nominated Project 2 Studios and received more than 450,000 views in its first month. It’s being popular not only among the fans but Chester’s close friends and family as well, increasing band’s visibility on an international scale.

“Considering the destructive messages modern pop culture carelessly brings to society, we feel it’s our social responsibility to deliver an alternative message. One of love, trust, believing in ourselves and supporting one another.”

Just 3 months after releasing “one small stEP” Major Moment has already recorded four new follow-up singles with acclaimed producer Kevin Billingslea and six-time Grammy Winner Adam Ayan on board. One of the singles, “May Leave Scars”, won The Lennon Award and “Best Rock” at the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This year’s judging panel included such famed artists as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Natasha Bedingfield, and more. This song also became the semi-finalist of the International Songwriting Competition. Another single, “Living Your Life Like This”, has been streamed over 100,000 times on Spotify in its first month. Together, these four songs formed a new EP called “The Sequel” that was released on April 25th, 2019.

Major Moment is quickly gaining momentum, canvassing venues in and around MA and NH, as well as international venues. They received over 60 radio adds along with hype from Relix, Tattoo and Impose and performed at the 2019 winter NAMM show.

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