Walter Hargrave - The National ParksWalter Here! I remember the first time hearing The National Parks. I believe it was “As We Ran” that Spotify had suggested. After I listened to it, I had to hear more and ended up spending the day listening to all their songs on repeat! Shortly after that I bought, The National Parks – Young CD and a shirt!

We hope to catch you guys on tour during your next visit to Florida! We will be watching our Bandsintown notifications and your emails! Keep doing what you do best!

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Music Review

I Can Feel ItGreeting from Florida! Darlene here, listening to the national touring “The National Parks” “Young” (2013) is the EP where I first heard (TNP) perform “Anchor and Wind,” now being a favorite of mine and their half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. I liked all the songs on “Until I Live” (2015), but “Monsters of the North” featuring a throbbing French Horn in the first notes, is my top pick and I can’t resist “howling at the great white moon” along with the band. I enjoy the folk songs with the faster rhythms, American jigs, which feature banjo and fiddle/viola and are meant to be danced to, energetically. Using nature to illustrate life, love, joy and sadness is a commonality TNP embraces through-out their songs. Their latest, “I Can Feel It” (2019), best exemplifies the nature of the TNP sound. My how they’ve grown! Bouncy rhythm, more pop-style, less folk it seems, but still the viola and banjo endures.

Young” was a tentative production in comparison to “I Can Feel It” which is rich with vocal and instrumental energy that makes you want to sing and dance with the crowd. The Official Video will make you want to fly, too. Something about this song feels different, I can sense it. Must be the instruments. The voices are absolutely TNP. I almost felt as if this pop tune, “I Can Feel It,” was a great departure from their “Young”-er folk tunes but they did preserve their nature in this song by using references to volcanos, wind, fire and water to enhance the senses. With just a touch of banjo, Rather than a departure, I think this song is actually a culmination of all their effort, as if they’ve been reaching, striving to broach a wave and “I Can Feel It” is a near break-through song, in my humble opinion. They’ve found their niche. “The National Parks” is for lovers. Lovers of people, places and nature will certainly love “The National Parks” Band.

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The National Parks Bio

The National Parks was formed in 2013 in Provo, Utah and has since independently released three studio albums (Young, Until I Live, and Places), all with producer Scott Wiley (Neon Trees, The Moth & The Flame). Built around male/female vocals and guitar/piano/violin instrumentation, the band’s debut album fit nicely within the indie folk wave of early Fleet Foxes and Mumford & Sons. With Until I Live, the band took a step away from the folk niche but still emphasized their core elements in a much more expansive and energetic album. With Places, released in September of 2017, the band continued evolving in a similar direction. Places incorporates distinctive pop, electronic, and rock elements but blends them with Parks’ signature songwriting and the warmth of the group’s well-loved vocal harmonies and classical instrumentation.

The National Parks are a four piece group with Brady Parks on guitar and vocals being joined by Sydney Macfarlane on keys and vocals, Cam Brannelly on drums, and Megan Parks on violin.

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