Music Review Hourglass YYNOT

Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave

The “years go by like a flash.” There’s “only so many grains in the hourglass.”  Time is not limitless.  I won’t waste the reader’s time here comparing and contrasting YYNOT to those early sounds of Rush.  I’d rather savor this flavor.  YYNOT encased their original lyrics for “Hourglass” in a rhythm of such nostalgia, it makes me giddy.  YYNOT put in a timely amount of practice into making this song Peart-fect.  Stream it or go to their concert because this song is radio-rebellious five minutes in length.

As you may have guessed, “Hourglass” is about time. If you read between the lines, it’s specifically about wasting time being unhappy by wishing, waiting and grasping.  There’s only so many grains of time and it trickles away unnoticed.  So, when inspiration and realization strike, act on it before the feeling slips away.  I have a “time” themed playlist that includes songs from various genres and eras. I slid “Hourglass” right next to “Time Stand Still” and it sounds natural there.

You will get your monies worth either buying the album or going to their concerts! You’ll have an amazing experience from start to finish. YYNOT has so much to offer, you are sure to feel satisfied after every listening session or concert!

Pre-orders of their new album “Resonance” are available now! Your exclusive pre-order CD will be personally signed and numbered by the band. (limited to 1000)! Pre-orders also include an exclusive album art sticker! Or pick up the self Titled album at the Official YYNOT Website


YYNOT was the coming together of award winning-Grammy ballot nominated Guitarist/Songwriter/Producer Billy Alexander (John Waite, FEEL, Ron Blair-Tom Petty) out of Southern California and Florida based virtuoso bassist Tim Starace. After being inspired from the last ever Rush R40 concert Alexander wrote and recorded an instrumental piece entitled “YYNOT” that captured tinges of early Rush music that had inspired him as a child. Not long after, Alexander saw Bassist Tim Starace post videos of his mind-blowing and accurate Rush bass covers, Alexander approached Starace about forming an online collaboration by creating videos of Rush classics. The videos have grown in popularity and have gained nearly 2,000,000 views!. They’ve played to standing room only shows at The Whiskey A Go Go in Hollywood, Gaslamp in Long Beach, CA., Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne FL., Metro Music Hall, Utah, Diesel Concert Lounge, Detroit and others.

Alexander recruited then 20 year old Rocky Kuner after seeing her perform a jaw-dropping version of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” while she was still in highschool!

Drummer Joel Stevenett came into the fold coming from a stellar career as a national touring/session drummer.

‘YYNOT’ material stands up against some of the strongest progressive/hard rock music out there.Their originals have already garnered national airplay as well as in Canada. Recent shows this year in Florida, California, Utah, Detroit MI were packed with fans. Some who flew or drove hundreds of miles to see the band in concert.

YYNOT’s live shows are designed to take the fans on a journey back in time as well as deliver a fresh new spark and bring back the power and majesty of hard rock that the fans have an undeniable hunger for.