The Music Producer Bio May 2018


Who is The Music Producer?

My Name is Charlotte. I live in Sydney, Australia and love live music. It is my passion and purpose in life. I have been going to, and covering, live Indie bands and Rock gigs for 3 years, seeing between 20-30 bands per month.

I especially love photographing, and reviewing live music always trying to capture the energy of each gig.

I do what I do for anyone to see; but actually, for other people like me.


What is The Music Producer’s style?

To always review a gig from a (potential) fan’s perspective: As a member of the crowd with no bias.

To write honest reviews, not nasty; but supportive and encouraging

To always try and take soul deep photos and videos of each band as they let loose their performance. Not just from one angle or spot.

Most importantly try and get amazing photos that people see and go:

“Damn I wish I went to that gig!” “It was going off”


How is The Music Producer growing globally?

I am now collaborating with Indie Music reviews sites, indie radio stations, Indie Bands, Music Industry Publicists, Record labels and Band Management companies around the world.

I share my content and connections with them, and share their content and connections with my audience.

We showcase all of the talented musicians, and their work, to people in different countries so that they can discover and enjoy something new that they might not have normally heard or seen.


Where can you find The Music Producer?

The Music Producer Logo







International Collaboration Partners 

Indie Music Review (New York, USA)

Little Indie Blogs (London, UK)

Cool Try (Sydney, Australia)

Tinderbox Music (Minneapolis, USA)

Indie Music Bus (USA)

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On The House (UK)

The Indie Bible (Canada and global)

Artistic Echoes (UK)