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Reviewers: Walter and Darlene Hargrave


The Rose Monarch

The Rose Monarch

I’m just a fan, with no expertise in describing a musical composition, but I believe “The Rose Monarch” band meets that “New York” standard of excellence fans expect.  A true artist, April Rose Gabrielli sings like the devil, beautifully in control of her voice, she will pull you in.  I’ve listened to all their soundtracks.  Many of their tunes are darkly lyrical with a hard rhythm.  I could listen to them all day.  Their most recent single release, “Co-Pilot,” sounds different, but fans, don’t be deceived. I interpreted the story as being a devotional love song, combining worshipful submission, sacrifice and inevitable loss. I also believe it’s a self-destructive way to live.  Another listener may interpret “Co-Pilot” with an “if you love something, set it free” philosophical view.  I can see the dark side of a “Rose Monarch” theme: A redeemed soul, grateful for that saving love feels second best and is willing to stay until someone more worthy comes along.  Such thoughts are fatal.  The narrator sings “I’ll be here until you find someone who’s better … until you find someone like you” and I say, “And then?”  There’s no happy ending because it seems there is no faith and confidence for the lover.  Those reasons are not talked about.


I’ve read that this song was recorded and mixed in a basement by band members and friends. Knowing that, they did a darn good job at it. Most of the song production is spot on and we believe that Co-Pilot will be well received! Every band member has something great to bring to the table. It’s a team effort all the way.

One thing is without a doubt in our minds, The Rose Monarch are going places and fast! You can see their social media growing rather quickly and it obvious why!

Enjoy Co-Pilot

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